Revolution in Vihiga politics is inevitable, all current leaders who have failed to impress, will certainly go home.

There are self-titled politicians, personalities who feel they are entitled to Vihiga politics. They see no evil, hear no evil and talk no evil.  These folks are traditionally small in their business, tiny in their thinking and poor in their execution when it comes to politics of end product. The heavy-laden pinheads, hawk-eyed fellows, will not entertain new thoughts, fresh ideas, or concepts that can propel Vihiga county to higher heights, politically, economically, socially, and even spiritually.

The clusters of these ego-based personalities are not bridges to anywhere good but big stumbling blocks that are invested with heavy cultural based fear.  Their fear flows from false entitlement to Vihiga politics. They deem themselves as ultimate deciders of the fate of the Vihiga people and Vihiga politics. They have been given the opportunity to organize, to create, to dream, and to actualize the big dream for Vihiga but they have decided to slumber on their mandate, chew groundnuts while the entire Vihiga county remains in abject poverty.

Vihiga county is one place, if you really mean well for it, for sure you will have no problem in executing your mandate or delivering services for it. Unfortunately, chosen leaders have chosen a mean path, a small route, a selfish road to self-seeking ends. The coming election will definitely not be played out as it has been played before, Vihiga county needs a shift in mentality, a paradigm shift in the political business, and an ultimate change in power and administration question.

It cannot continue gambling with names, hoping that names will deliver it from abject poverty. The political administration must look fresh, have ideas, concepts, and challenge itself on ideas and concepts. It cannot be a place where people are coming to enrich themselves at the expense of the majority who have been turned into spectators. This trend of business should cease.

For instance, what has governor Ottichillo done differently since he took over power? What has he implemented that should warrant his second term? Has he placed Vihiga on the map of social development? Has he created an environment conducive for business? In this time and age, why would Vihiga produce harrowing news, news of doctors who have not been paid for months? Who is eating the county doctor’s money?

Vihiga politics is bracing up for change and those with leadership mandate should brace themselves for an ultimate battle. From MCAs, to Mps, to Women rep, to Senators, to governors, no one should sleep cool or soundly like a baby. Revolution in Vihiga politics is inevitable, all current leaders who have failed to impress will certainly go home.

New leadership is on the blocks, new thoughts are forming up, young and leaders who are ready to grab power are shooting up. If you are right now in power dismiss them at your own risk. These leaders believe power rest with the people, power moves through people, if you are a leader in Vihiga today, you should conserve your breath for development, if not, begin counting your days, begin marking your calendar. The prediction is simple, your track record will save you! Check on it, count on it, stop being arrogant and big-headed, ultimate power rests with the people of Vihiga.

Stay here for more on who is who who is readying himself or herself for what position and what seat in Vihiga County. If you don’t read it, here on GMKNews then it didn’t happen.

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