I will give Raila 10M if he wins and becomes AUC chairman -Steve Mbogo


City politician cum businessman Steve Mbogo has pledged to give Raila 10Million Ksh should the opposition chief clinch the AUC job next year.

In a video that has since gone viral, the flamboyant businessman has categorically termed the current campaigns as an exercise in futility just meant at keeping Raila busy.

The city politician claimed that the Kenya Kwanza administration and people around the ODM leader were lying to him about the possibility of winning the seat. According to Mbogo, Raila is disadvantaged because the Kenyan administration supports the Western countries, yet most African countries are either pro-Russian or pro-China .

“I know for sure Raila is being played yet again, but I do hereby make a pledge during this holy month of Ramadhan that I will personally give Baba 10M ksh should he win the seat. I know it is pocket change to him but to many Kenya s this is serious money” Mbogo said.

For you to convince the anglo-phones, will be a bit easy, but when we talk abot the southern part and the western, the Francophones who have fully retreated from the west, believe me they are not going to vote for you,” he stated.

Mbogo claimed the Kenya Kwanza administration wants to keep Raila busy campaigning for the AU seat. Still, he will fail, which will also contribute to the collapse of Azimio la Umoja.

This people are lying to you…and the reality is that they are lying to you or you are part of the game. They will keep you busy for the next one year, you will be busy campaigning and when you lose they will be the same people will come and tell Kenyans that they tried to help you win but it was hard,” he added

Mr Mbogo who unsuccessfully vied for Starehe seat on ODM in 2017 has since kept a low profile in politics only choosing to focus on his businesses.

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