Hon Oparanya is fit enough to steer ODM to greater heights as Raila serves the continent declares Nairobi leaders.


The debate on who should assume the role of party leadership as Raila steps up his bid as AUC chairman has reached fever pitch.

Whereas Raila’s imminent exit from local scene  is a foregone conclusion thanks to the new AU rules that have given Raila and the East African Community the green light to present a candidate, party leadership remains an interesting affair considering Raila’s larger than life status.

According to two ODM leaders in Nairobi namely Hon Carolyn Mayunzu and Hon David Ayoi, the immediate former governor of Kakamega county Hon Oparanya is the ideal man for the hot seat.

Hon Ayoi opines that Oparanya’s pedigree, his unwavering loyalty and support both to the party and to Raila lends credence to his suitability as the next ODM party leader.

“Hon Oparanya has stood firm with Raila through thick and thin.During the post elections maandamano period, Gov Oparanya not only led from the front with baba on the streets but ensured that party communication was seamless and ODM was speaking with one voice. Oparanya’s longevity in politics with stints as cabinet minister for planning makes him first among equals in assuming party leadership.” Hon Ayoi said.

Hon Ayoi in glasses exchanging pleasantries with King Peter Mumia of the Wanga Kingdom.

While echoing the same sentiments , Hon Mayunzu herself a Nec member believes that the former Kakamega county boss offers a safe pair of hands for the Orange party.

” Gov Oparanya is always ready to listen, an astute mobilizer and a shrewed politician whose keen eye for excellence and results will ensure the party continues to blossom even as RT Hon Raila steps into a new role as AUC chairman. We urge all party faithful to accord. Hon Oparanya the requisite support as we move our party a head in readiness to capture power in 2027″ Mayunzu said.

Hon Mayunzu fully behind Gov Oparanya.

Hon Ayoi further asserts that the former governor has what it takes to galvanize the  entire western region troops behind ODM.

The same sentiments are shared by his successor Gov Fernandez Baraza who  believes that Oparanya is fit enough to bring the entire Mulembe nation to ODM.

Raila once you acquire the AUC position the only loyal deputy party leader we would like to take over as the ODM party leader is none other than Wycliffe Oparanya,” the governor asserted

The imminent exit of Raila Odinga as ODM boss has split the party into two with some fronting for Hon Joho as heir apparent while others are for Hon Oparanya.

It is however Oparanya’s camp that has been gaining ground with most sitting members of parliament routing for him.

Notable members fronting Oparanya include, Dr Oburu Odinga, John Mbadi, Opiyo Wandayi, George Aladwa, Sen Osotsi among others.

While those for Hon Joho include Sen Stewart Madzayo, Junet Mohammed, Babu Owino among others.

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