Kitisuru MCA Hon Alvin Olando favourite to replace Hon Tim Wanyonyi in Westlands as Imwatok, and Odalo line up for Makadara and Mathare respectively

Nairobi county MCA for Kitisuru and chairman  for planning  Hon Alvin Orlando Palapala  is poised to become the next MP for Westlands when Current MP Hon Tim Wanyonyi guns for Nairobi governorship.

The three time ODM MCA has endeared himself to the people of Kitisuru thanks to his open door policy that has ensured equitable bursary distribution to locals. This equality is informed and l by his humble upbringing which has seen him serve three terms uninterrupted. cought up with him and wanted to know what is driving his bid for the top seat.w

I was born and brought up in a very humble background, my dad ventured into politics and succeeded in becoming a counsellor as they used to be called then. The amount of traffic who used to frequent our home then asking for help inspired me to join politics.Iam glad for the past 3 terms ODM has provided an avenue for me to serve my people. I have diligently helped educate many by making bursaries available to them besides attending to so many social needs within Kitisuru and beyond. I have a heart to serve and given another capacity I will still serve my people ” Orlando said.

Hon Olando is destined to replace Hon Tim Wanyonyi as Westlands MP, this seems to be a hurculean task considering the larger than life figure the MP has cut for himself thanks to his three terms of service. This question seem not to bother Hon Olando.

“It is true that Mheshimiwa Tim has done alot for Westlands constituency, as the heir apparent I donot wish to fit in his shoes rather I intend to come with my own shoes and continue from where he will have left. However looking at what Hon Tim Has done for Westlands, we can only imagine how our city will look like once he assumes the office of governor. I personally look upto him as both my mentor and elder bro. Westlands people can rest easy with me knowing very well that I will transform this constituency to greater heights” said Hon Alvin.

Makongeni MCA Peter Imwatok, Kitusuru MCA Hon Alvin Olando, Lawyer, and Hon Ayoi at the Milimani police station where Hon Ayoi checked on his colleagues. Who were arrested during a protest in the city.. the leaders are in great spirits and have said Aluta continua Hon Antony Oluoch MP Makadara was also at the police cells.

Westlands constituency is a metropolitan area and this has not escaped Alvin Orlando’s spectrum.

Westlands constituency is a home to all the tribes in Kenya. Any leader who seeks to divide our constituency on ethnic lines has no reason seeking any elective post. You cannot be here in the 21st century talkiy about Maragooli, Luhya,Kamba or Kikuyu politics. Whoever is planning to divide Westlands on tribal lines will have me to contend with,nitawanyorosha Sana, ” roared the MCA.

Thirst for MP position has not only grabbed Kitisuru but in the same breath, Makongeni MCA Hon Imwatok Peter Anyule is also angling to replace Hon Aladwa who has pitched tent in Vihiga seeking to replace the outgoing governor Hon Otichilo.

Imwatok has hit the limelight of late and sources within ODM say that he is the most preferred candidate for ODM in Makadara.

The youthful no nonsense member has never been shy in speaking his  mind on matters ODM.

All factors remaining constant, Imwatok is poised to be the  next Makongeni MP.

Elsewhere Hon Odalo is also angling to replace Hon Oluoch as MP Mathare.

Odalo has been doing some good work on the ground and  a duel between him and the MP Mathare on 2027 during ODM nominations will be a sight to behold.

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