Breaking news : Cleophas Malala denounces Atwoli, Oparanya & Wamalwa as he asks forgiveness from Hon. Musalia Mudavadi.

It was at the memorial service of the late Dr. Byrum A. Makokha at Mariakani church in South B that the Senator of Kakamega Cleophas Malala has denounced the Kajiado team of Francis Atwoli.

He has called on Hon. Godfrey Ososti to also denounce Francis Atwoli. He said, Oparanya and Eugene Wamalwa should concentrate on adminstive matters of the Luhya community which ends in 2022. But on matters politics, he will not recognise anyone apart from Hon. Musalia Mudavadi.

The only political leader the Luhya community has is Hon. Musalia Mudavadi.” He blamed Atwoli for giving them alcohol at Kajiado so as to pass useless resolutions that are not helpful to the community.

He asked his friend Hon. Godfrey Ososti to stop his political madness and support Hon. Musalia Mudavadi. Cleophas Malala said Ososti is not honest, they planed together to renounce Francis Atwoli and his team in a board room but he is shocked to see Ososti blaming evil spirits for his political troubles.

Cleophas told Ososti to use his time in politics wisely but not to fight Hon. Musalia. He said you should denounce Hon. Atwoli because in Luhya land their is only one political leader and that leader is Hon. Musalia Mudavadi.

As he finished speaking Hon. Ososti stormed out of the church with a low battered ego. Stay here for more news. He said he will not change his position on political stalemate at the Senate even if it means death. He said he will not follow Atwoli and his shenanigans.

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