How former city Mca now Hon. Senator Beatrice Kwamboka allocated herself bursaries meant for the poor.

The recent spat between Gaucho a city youth and Senator Beatrice Kwamboka has revealed some skeletons in her closet.

As they say, donot engage a pig in a mud fight you will get dirty and the pig will just enjoy it.

This seems to be what is befalling the distiguished senator.

In an audio clip, the senator had portrayed herself as a prayer warrior and someone whose prayers are instantly answered.

“Gaucho niki fast for three days na nipige hii magoti yangu Mungu atajibu maombi yangu na utaona” a voice believed to be Kwamboka’s is heard in the clip.

This prompted many people to question her service as an Mca and now senator. Is her service above board? Can she confidently pass the requirements of our constitution as far as chapter 6 is concerned?

Well scripted and excellently executed, Sen Kwamboka’s under hand handling of public bursaries read like a scene from Money heist movie.

During her term as Mountain view Mca 2013-2017 Kwamboka used monies/bursaries meant for the poor to pay for her kid at Uthiru Genesis school.

According t documents available in the public domain , about 8 cheques drawn to several schools were diverted to Uthiru Genesis school. This was effected by a letter written by the then MCA Beatrice Kwamboka to the Chief Finance officer at the Nairobi county.

….” kindly consolidate the following cheques into one and pay to Uthiru Genesis school” the letter read in part.

Below are the cheque numbers that were diverted.

1). Kilingu mixed cheq 1288850….5000/
2). Dugora sec schl chq no 129616….5000/
3). Friends Girls High sch Kimang’et cheq no 128571….5000/
4). Kenya Institute of Management cheq no 128556….5000/
5). Ngunya Mixed day chq no 128542…5000/
6). Kenya Power Institute of Energy studies cheq no 130856…5000/
7). Kieneni High school…chq no 129641…..5000/
8). Kangangu sec school cheq no 129652…5000/.

From the above, we have established that the bursary money meant to the city poor were diverted to one entity who we have every reasons to believe was her kid at Genesis school Uthiru.

Is the vocal senator clean as she purports to be?

In our next expose, we shall unpack how Senator Kwamboka as Mca Mountain view ward in Westlands diverted a further 300 000ksh to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga unversity where she was studying.

Was it apropriate for her to use bursary money meant to benefit her electorate to further her own education?

Part 2 of Money heist by an Mca coming up.

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  1. Gaucho is a jobless and useless man..
    Don’t have a real issue to speak on.
    That’s why the sole purpose of his life has become to somehow tarnish the image of Nominated Senator Hon Beatrice Kwamboka or any of its leader..

  2. Why is this cheap blogs reporting fake news and treating @⁨Gaucho⁩ ,as though he’s a leader of even his own house ,he couldn’t win his first ward election with all his efforts to tarnish other leaders .He’s irrelevant, don’t give him the publicity he doesn’t deserve. He has a long way to go for him to be a leader wa hata nyumba kumi
    Nominated senator Kwamboka is a good leader

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