Kenyans don’t understand the reality between UHURU and RUTO nor the TRUTH between KENYATTA and RAILA!

In Kenya, in politics, there is nothing new.

Like a seasonal river so is Kenyan politics. If it rains, water will not form new roads but use old routes, if it dries up, it will be wrong if you built your new palace in the route of the seasonal river. Uhuru Kenyatta is not punishing William Ruto, no, he is preparing the fat heifer for 2022 slaughter.

The thinking patterns in our politics have not changed, and will not change overnight, because they live in the same forest, and everyday you see same monkeys jumping on from the same trees in the same forest, which changes do you see, or expect.

Unless you are new in this cave, but in ordinary circumstances.

Kenyans are locked up in the cave, they are bound up, they cannot see the entrance anymore, they are forced to keep looking at the back of the wall and at their back , The Big brother, beams a huge spotting light, the only thing the bound up Kenyans can see is their shadows. They cannot see who is coming or standing or what is happening, they can only see the shadows.

Up to this time, Kenyans don’t know the difference between reality and truth.

They don’t know who is causing what is happening in jubilee party and why? They don’t understand the reality between Uhuru and Ruto nor the truth between Kenyatta and Raila. They are bound up in the cave.

Everyone including the politicians next to Uhuru, Raila or Ruto, don’t know the difference between reality and truth, but a majority will speak of these people’s shadows, they will propose shadows or appear to project to the world or wall, the shadows coming from something or someone standing behind their backs in darkness.

You cannot convince the world that the love between Uhuru and Ruto is dead, gone by the wind and now, Uhuru is in love with his new catch, Raila. No. The magic between Uhuru and Ruto must have gone wrong and the same between Uhuru and Rail is bound up to go tragic any time any moment, political bolts and screws are not permanent. The presidency remains the prize and Ruto and Raila cannot purport to be trojan horses.

There is something missing here.

There is someone being used here. Jubilee party is a marriage not a high street relationship. The divorce must have spoils, will Rail inherit the spoils? How can Uhuru turn a blind eye to Ruto and throw a wink to Raila, what the same eyes saw in Ruto, cannot be what the same eyes saw in Raila, the Big brother must be confusing both Ruto and Raila and equally their followers.

The truth and reality is, the big brother knows the end game, the final outcome.

If the big brother offloads Ruto and at the same time still remains unsatisfied, one day he will offload Raila and at the time remain unsatisfied and continue being hungry.

No politician in Kenya today, should boast of cleverness.

The Big brother is a deep and highly guarded monastery! He loves no one, nor hate anyone, his purpose is to accomplish his mission. Neither Ruto nor Raila understand the mission but either way they are caught and entangled. As we head to 2022, it will be become more complicated as the matrix unfolds in the view of bound up Kenyans. Those in the cage are experiencing difficulties, different challenges Big brother must accomplish his business.

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