The rise of Franklin “Kuka” Imbenzi: Now Secretary general Kenya professional boxing commission.

  1. How I made a big switch from rugby to boxing

Frank Imbenzi is a cool calm and collected guy whose composure reveals little about the battle hardened alumni of Chavakali boys Highschool.

We caught up with Kuka Imbenzi as he is fondly referred to by close friends at his office in Nairobi and he shared briefly.

Kuka was born and brought up in Nairobi’s Jericho estate. He took up boxing by default to defend himself from estate bullies.

“I took up boxing to defend myself from estate bullies and besides boxing and soccer were the in thing growing up. I also played soccer but I really fell in love with boxing” Kuka says.

After his Kcpe, Aquinas boys offered him a slot but his parents would hear none of it. They wanted him to study outside Nairobi which landed him in Chavakali Highschool where he sat his Kcse.

2. From Boxing to Rugby and back to boxing

“At Chavakali boys I joined rugby team and became a scrammer. Tackling hard and seeing opponets kiss the ground was fun. As I did all these, my heart was always in the boxing ring” narrates Kuka.

After his Kcse, Kuka returned to the city and actively engaged in boxing first as a player for over 10yrs before venturing into boxing promotion and administration.

3. From The blue corner With Solid Rock Promotions.

The Solid Rock Promotions founder made his entry into boxing arena like wild fire in the hamattan. Under his fold were boxers like Conjestina Achieng and Fatuma Zarika. Solid Rock under Kuka brought to Nairobi a fight between Conjestina vs Yvonne Reis a midle weight WBC title challenge.

A match that brought female boxing to the world map. Kuka has so far traversed the globe promoting boxing his sojourns landing him in Russia, Moscow, Mexico, USA just to name but afew.

4. From The Red corner as an administrator with Kpbc.

Kuka believes in a working system. Having played the game and promoted it, he felt that time was rife for him to throw his hut in the ring as an administrator.

Last year Kuka vied as a secretary general for Kenya Proffessional Boxing Council and won by a knockout garnering 50 votes against Abdulla Kent’s zero. This also saw former Makadara Mp Reuben Ndolo bounce back as KPBC president with Yassin as his deputy.

“Winning the elections and especially working with Ndolo meant we were going to bring the much desired change,.Jamal’s election as BFK boss also meant infighting between the boxing bodies was now a thing of the past” Kuka added.

KPBC officials.
Reuben Ndolo…President.
Ahmed Yassin…..vice
Kuka Imbenzi…Secretary general
Purity Gacheri…treasurer.

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