Jubilee Party Youth Leader Samuel Mundia: We owe it to ourselves as youths to ensure a healthy, united and a prosperous Kenya

“Those who believe in the beauty of their dream shall surely flourish”

This is a philosophy that Samuel Mundia believes in.
A graduate from the “Margaret Wanjiru school of mentorship” Mundia has taken an active role in shaping the politics of this country.

He believes the youths of this country have no business complaining when things go wrong as they stand and watch.

Born and raised in Nairobi’s Starehe constituency, Mundia was ushured into leadership right ftom the Jesus is a live ministries under Bishop Hon Wanjiru.

The Kamukunji high school alumni plunged into politics and played a major role in the Odm youth league campaigning for party candidates and popularizing the party ideals in the city.

Mundia became even more instrumental in the election of Hon Stephen Kariuki aka K1 Hon Wanjiru’s son as Mp Mathare on Odm ticket.

A way from the campaigns, Mundia has been instrumental in agitating for enactment of laws that can help champion the youth agenda. In 2016, Mundia spearheaded a pressure group that lobbied to have youth cleared from crb.

“In 2016 we exerted pressure to have Mps enact pieces of legislations to easen up Crb pressure on youth and also help in solving Helb impasse which were stopping them from accessing loans and jobs.

I am glad that we caught the attention of Hon Faith Gitau and although it did not go through then, we are happy Hon Anthony Oluoch worked on it, fine tuned it and it is now law” Mundia said.

The current Nairobi county Jubilee Youth leader is never shy of speaking his mind on matters of national importance. When President Uhuru and Raila came together in the infamous handshake, Mundia stepped up and mobilized Nairobi youths in what is now called Vijana na BBI.

“When the president and Hon Raila came up with BBI as a product of the handshake I was excited because my dream has always been to see Kenyans co exist in unity as brothers and sisters without negative ethnicity especially during election period.

We fully support BBI and any effort to unite Kenya”added Mundia.

We further asked Mundia where he gets the inspiration to keep going and he answered.

“I derive my strength from God through Jesus Christ, you know I belong to Jesus is alive ministries under Bishop Wanjiru(he laughs) you cannot sit under Bishop Wanjiru’s annointing and remain the same.

I have also been lucky to be raised by Bishop Wanjiru who has given me everything a son needs from a mother. To me I always thank God for all the teachings I have received from her” Mundia added.

We asked Mundia who his idols are and without mincing his words Mundia said ” I admire Sen Sakaja for his excellent service and political acumen. I always admire how Sakaja carries himself around and again Sen Sakaja does not look at you by your tribe creed or religion.

I also must mention Hon Steve Kariuki K1 he has nurtured me and he believed in me and employed me in his office. But the list cannot end without mentioning my mum Hon Bishop Wanjiru my mentor(adds Mundia amid giggles).

Internationally I subscribe to Martin Luther King jnr, he had a dream and although he is long gone, the dream lives on. ‘I have a dream for a better and equal Kenya devoid of tribal shenanigans” Mundia concludes

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  1. Kenya needs a leader with a vision a leader who understands the plights of our women and the youth, a leader who will bring positive change, a leader who will work with communities on poverty eradication, a leader who will see to it that our economy improves and I see that Hon Mundia Fits the bill.
    Our future is luminous with Hon Mundia on the front

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