Open Uhuru park for public use or I will mobilise Nairobians to pull down the perimeter fence Senator Sifuna tell Duale and Sakaja


Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna has once again called on CS Duale and Nairobi governor to open Uhuru park for public use.

During the NMS under Gen Mbadi, Uhuru park received a facelift. Works inside the park was undertaken by the KDF and now it is seemingly completed. However public access has been denied save for the few times governor Sakaja has been using it for county functions.

Senator Sifuna on his X page Twitter that unless Duale and Sakaja open the park, he will lead Nairobians into pulling down the perimeter fence to allow public access after all, Uhuru park is a public utility.

@HonAdenDuale it’s been exactly a month since I wrote to you concerning reopening Uhuru Park. I also forwarded the same question through the Senate. Kindly tell the people of Nairobi when you will reopen the park failing which we will be left with no option but to open the park ourselves

Uhuru and Central parks were officially commissioned on September 12, by former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The two parks were Nairobi’s last projects to be commissioned by Uhuru before his presidential tenure ended.

Using their contractors, the Nairobi Metropolitan Services  renovated the two parks to give them a world-class modern look.
The renovation cost 1 billion.

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