Nairobi’s point zero always mistaken for a devil worshipers sign! know the facts.

 You have not yet arrived in Nairobi until you end your journey here.!!!!

Many people traveling to Kenya’s capital city Nairobi are deemed not to have completed their journey until they arrive at point zero where it all started.

Point zero is situated at the junction of Koinange street and Kenyatta avenue. The place is called point zero simply because all distances from Nairobi are measured from here.

Galton Fenzi memorial stone before it was renovated by the Narobi county government.

The Nairobi’s military stone also called point zero is actually the point where Lionel Galton Fenzi placed a stone before he started his first maiden journey by road to Mombasa in 1926

lionel Galton Fenzi with his Riley car in 1926 when he made his maiden trip to Mombasa.

The monument was erected in honor of Lionel Douglas Galton-Fenzi who established Nairobi branch of the Royal East Africa Automobile Association in 1919, now the Automobile Association of Kenya which offers driving lessons, insurance, training and other driving related services. Galton fenzi is known as the first person to drive from Nairobi to Mombasa in 1926 and after his passing on in 1937, the monument was erected in 1939 in his honor. The monument is also referred to as Nairobi military stone.

However, many Nairobians don’t know the historic significance of the stone\monument. Some Nairobian who are so religious will tell you that this is a satanic sign or vainly rub you off insisting that they don’t feel like engaging in a topic that is devilish.

Next time you pass by on your way to GPO, pay attention to the city stone which has now been refurbished by the Nairobi county government. All distances across east Africa were taken from here although the original stone that Galton Fenzi placed before embarking on the maiden trip to Mombasa is inside the Nairobi gallery, the government moved the site to its current position to pave way for the Nairobi gallery museum.

Nairobi’s military stone where all distances from Nairobi are measured from.
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