Stop BBI and nub the spread of killer Covid 19 disease Now!Kenyans demand.

In Kenya an ordinary citizen is arrested for not wearing a 20/ mask, shot dead for being outside during curfew hours but nothing is done on covid 19milllionaires

Kenyans are still patiently waiting for Uhuru’s 21 days to lapse before before the Covid 19 billionaires are brought to book.

From the day Uhuru gave the 21 days ultimatum, today marks the 96th day and the wait still lingers.

Many Kenyans have come up with mathematical explanations to try and come to terms with the fact that Uhuru’s 21 days are yet to be over. Some creative Kenyans take it that Uhuru spent 28days on top of Mt Nebo (according to his own admission during the state of the nation recitation), he spent about 4days in Vatican, minus any day spent outside Nairobi eg Mombasa and Kisii during Heroes day plus any other day he appeared without his trademark Kitenge shirt.
With all the calculations, Kenyans must therefore be informed that Uhuru’s 21 days are yet to lapse and infact we are approaching the 7th day this Friday when Uhuru is likely to show up in his Kitenge shirt to qualify the day.(God helP us).

Away from Uhuru’s 21 days and the PR stunt that Murathe pulled by grilling himself at the CID headquarters, Covid 19 is wiping out our nation slowly as Uhuru and his partner Raila Odinga focus on BBI.

Eight doctors have died of Covid 19 in a span of 7days.

“Uhuru Kenyatta government is not only terrifyingly corrupt in Kenya history. It has proven incompetent, reckless and irresponsible. It is government unto bleak darkness. It has poses severe threat to economy, democracy and Constitution. Kenyans must stand up to it! #RejectBBI” opines Ndung’u Wainaina.

Almost 1300 Kenyans have died from #COVID19; 35 of those being health workers. In just one week, we have lost 8 doctors. Over 800 doctors, 600 nurses and 320 clinical officers have contracted coronavirus. Schools are the new COVID-19 spreaders.

COVID-19 HAS killed 13 principals since phased reopening of schools began in October, Kenya Secondary School Heads Association says.
From the records and statistics at hand, Kenyans are grappling with economic meltdown, Covid 19 and corruption and BBI is least of their worries.
Nobody sums it up better than the peoples watchman Okiya Omtata.

“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least” Okiya Omtata.
It is now evident that Economy, Health and Corruption matter more than BBI.
Kenyans should rise up and give Uhuru Kenyatta and his handshake partner the best retirement gift by rejecting BBI.By so doing, the son of Jomo and the son of Odinga will have something to ponder about in their retirement

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