Hon. Osotsi want parliament to expedite repatriation of all monies hidden in overseas accounts.

Nominated Mp Hon Godfrey Osotsi has today the 17th November 2020 presented a petition to the national assembly seeking to have all monies stashed abroad repatriated.

While presenting the petition, the Hon Member observed that Kenya is forced to beg for aid yet monies that would have been utilized here for development is sitting idle in foreign land.

Speaking to outside the parliament buildings, Hon Osotsi said that his petition is driven by public interest considering that the country has borrowed heavily and the covid 19 pandemic has further dealt a blow to our economy hence his push to have the monies stashed abroad repatriated.

“Our country is losing to a tune of 40B annually to unscrupulous businessmen and foreign entities trading in Kenya. The results of this well co-ordinated ‘heist’ is economic meltdown with the ordinary mwananchi shouldering the blame.This must stop and the National assembly pursuant to article 10,95(2) and 201 of the 2010 constitution should help remedy the situation through the departmental committee on finance and planning and compel Asset recovery agency together with EACC and have our monies back” Hon Osotsi said.

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