rest in peace legend Diego 1960-2020

There was a sense of loss and grief in Argentina on Wednesday as word spread that the soccer star had died that at his home in Tigre, north of Buenos Aires. The government has decreed three days of mourning.

Often called one of the game’s best players, Mr. Maradona was revered by his fellow Argentines — not just for his prowess on the field, but for his rise from poverty to global stardom. He stayed a national hero even as his personal life, which included long spates of drug and alcohol abuse, made him tabloid fodder around the world

Mr. Maradona is invariably remembered for leading Argentina to victory in the 1986 World Cup. In the infamous quarterfinal against England, he scored one of the most beautiful goals in the game’s history, as well as an illegal hand goal. (“It was scored a little bit with the head of Diego and a little with the hand of God,” he later said of that goal.)

It is this great man that has breathed his last.

Many soccer lovers across the globe have mourned him in numbers.

‘ if PELE is the god of soccer then Maradona was the Messiah of the game while


Diego Armando Maradona has passed away. Terrible news. No words. Unbelievable. RIP, Dios

 Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Messi, Cristiano  are all but deciples’  Peter a Nairobi based fan mourned.

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