Hustler Movement takes root in Dagoretti North as politician Chapia Chapia intensifies its activities on the ground

The tide is quickly changing and bells for 2022 have rung.
Politicians are criss crossing the country and nobody wants to be left behind.

In Dagoretti North, Gabriel Bukachi Chapia Chapia who fondly refers to himself as Mtoto wa Mwalimu has hit the ground running.

As covid 19 continue ravaging and causing many suffering, Chapia Chapia has chosen to identfy with the majority who are having difficulties carrying on with life as they used to before this covid 19 pandemic struck.

Chapia Chapia has unapologetically been traversing Dagoretti North with one message, the ‘Hustler Movement is ready and willing to move the country foward.’

# Energetic and Workholic just like DP Ruto.

Borrowing a leaf from the number one ‘Hustler’ H.E. Deputy President Ruto, Chapia Chapia has been  traversing all corners of Dagoretti North meeting the youths, women groups and the general public.

“It is no secret that Iam a hustler just like our deputy president Dr Ruto. Covid 19 has brought several challenges which have prompted me to find ways of helping my people here in Dagoretti North. I once vied here in 2013 and in 2017 my dream of flying the Odm flag as a senator were thwarted by some dark forces.I currently work closely with the Deputy president who truly understands the challenges  hustlers like me go through. Iam glad the response so far is good and the Hustler bug has engulfed the whole country. God has been good to us” Chapia Chapia said.

ChapiaChapia donating chairs to a local church in kawangware

His partnership with the current Dp Dr Ruto has seen many intervention measures in Dagoretti North  set off.

Every weekend, water tracks have been supplying water to several households in Dagoretti North. Water has become a rare commodity in the sprawling Kawangware slums yet it is  badly needed in combating covid 19.

Chapia Chapia with the Deputy president Dr Ruto in a past event.

” My partnership with the Deputy president has enabled me through Chapia Chapia foundation to supply water every week to our people. Besides we have targeted youths groups that need help and soon we shall be helping those in car wash business to acquire washing machines. Women groups will not be left behind either.
As we carry out all these, we are telling our people to join the Hustler Movement under Dr Ruto as we seek to change lives” added Chapia Chapia.

Mr Chapia Chapia is among the front runners who are seeking to replace Hon Simba Arati in 2022 as Mp Dagoretti North.

If the word going around that Simba will be going for governorship in Kisii county is true, then Chapia Chapia is one man to be watched due to his eloquence and ability to speak to the needs of the ordinary mwananchi. For sure the Hustler bug is gaining strength as days go by. The Ruto wave is unstoppable

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