Atwoli’s favourite son could be jailed for assaulting a city businessman.

Cotu secretary general Francis Atwoli’s favourite son Livingston Maasai Atwoli could face a lengthy period behind bars for assault.

Mr Livingston Atwoli is believed to be fighting some very critical emotional imbalances which has led him to hit the bottle and lose his calm especially while dealing with people around him.

On Saturday while at a social place with city businessman man cum politician one Mr Keya Mukoto,  an ugly scene ensured where Atwoli rained blows on his friend.

While sending an appeal for help via his social media outlets, Mr Mukoto wrote.

Good people, I have been assaulted by someone I have known for a long time Livingston Maasai Atwoli, am bleeding badly am driving  in a Mercedes Benz KBL 983V should you see me your  way please take me to hospital! If I die please know that I have been killed by Livingston Maasai!” He wrote.

Mr Kenya Mukoto after being assaulted

Kenyans across social media poured their hearts out and assisted the victim. A good Samaritan rushed him to the hospital where he was treated and discharged later.

Mr Mukoto took to his Facebook page thanking all who came to his aid. He has however vowed to teach Atwoli a lesson. An OB which we have seen is a clear pointer that Atwoli will have it rough.

Thank you all who reached out both physically, by call and through Facebook. Have been treated and discharged and better now.I thank God that the attempted murder and assault did not materialise.Special thanks to my sister cele, uncle Aristaricus Wilson , chairman Amwash, Hon Dishon P. Mulinge  the Doctors and nurses for the support last night.
Big thanks too to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations – DCI for reaching out.
Those hands will surely never be laid on anyone else moving forward.Justice be our shield and defender!” He wrote.


This weird behaviour by the son of a leading Labour movement boss has left many people wondering what could be going on with the young man.

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