Ottichilo’s relief as Musalia Mudavadi quells strategyless revolt by marauding mcas!

It has taken Vihiga county governor three weeks to breath freely and look at a brighter future after Hon. Musalia stepped in with a fire extinguisher that put off the fire and restoresd calm at the Vihiga county government. The county government and County assembly had been paralysed by few greedy and phony Mcas who mainly come from Bunyore region who are contractors and who were demanding for payments for the work done in their wards. These Mcas had captured the rest of the Mcas who seemed not to be aware of the trick and scheme behind the infamous impeachment motion. They black mailed everyone.

In the first place, there was no substantive motion that was prepared under the standing orders to impeach the governor. The known MCas who have turned themselves into contractors cum Mcas gave birth to a sinister move that they wanted to force the governor to authorise the finance department to pay them ahead of time failure to do so they will impeach him. They prepared a look like motion that they threatened the governor with. They went on rampage stalling county business for few weeks. The black mail hit a snag.

The assembly will resume its business next week.

Hon. Musalia Mudavadi took up the matter and has restored calm and peace . He has asked all mcas to focus on their mandate and warned them about conflict of interest. He said their interest should not conflict with their mandate and so they can’t hold the governor and assembly hostage. He told them to go back to work and they should stop creating a rift between the communities living in Vihiga county.

The county government of Vihiga is a county for all residents and matters that affect the residents should be prioritised. Partisan interests and conflict of interest will only invite arms of investigation and these mcas will be held responsible. And as public servant they are not supposed to do business with the same government they are working in. Amicable solution has been found and next Tuesday everything will go back normal.

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