Bruce Lee – A man who has crossed the line of human possibility.

Even though he’s been gone for 46 years, Bruce Lee is still a household name. Most of us remember him because of his iconic movies where he was basically unbeatable but unlike some other martial art movie stars, Van Damme, Bruce was actually a better fighter in real-life than what he portrayed in the movies. If you’re a Bruce Lee fan, you’ve probably heard bits and pieces about his crazy training routine which is like P90X times a thousand is P9000X!
I mean this guy was basically the real-life version one-punch man. One, Bruce Lee is awesome and two, he was able to accomplish physical feats that many would consider impossible. So here are some of the results of Bruce Lee’s intense training, which may have made him superhuman.”
Did Bruce Lee Have Superpowers?
Number one, his punches were essentially unblockable. This was basically Bruce Lee’s version of one punch. He could throw a punch so hard and so fast, basically no one would be able to stop it even though they know it’s coming. It wasn’t like he was throwing these punches at regular people or even a somewhat trained martial artist. In a now mythic 1967 demonstration, Bruce Lee threw eight punches at tenth degree black belt Vic Moore, who failed to block yeah, all eight of them even though he knew they were coming.
Number two, he was too fast for cameras. Some of you may have heard about the fact that Bruce Lee’s punches and kicks were too fast for the cameras of the time to film.
Though what you may not have known is that Bruce Lee had to be slowed down twice. Basically Bruce Lee had to slow himself down before the camera even started rolling because when he punched as fast as he could, cameras wasn’t able to detect his movements at all, but then the footage had to be slowed down a second time so Bruce Lee didn’t look like he had magical powers.
In fact, early footage of Lee in the Green Hornet had to be re-filmed because when it was later played back, his movements were so fast that it looked like a fight from a Superman movie where his opponents just fell over and Lee never appeared to move at all. For example, take a look at this. Number three, he was way too strong for regular heavy bags. A typical heavy bag weighs 100 to maybe 150lbs but Bruce Lee had to use a heavy bag that was 300lbs, and oh yeah, it was filled with metal. Even then his kicks would send the 300-pound bag flying so high, it would hit the ceiling with force. Now, Bruce Lee did not do this because he was trying to show off. He literally could not use a regular heavy bag because he would destroy it.

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