Hon Kidake Alex: Ready and willing to take Vihiga county to the next level.

“The very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet.”
The above statement is one that Hon Alex Kidake hold so dear to his heart.

Coming from a humble background with a small scale trader for a father and and a housewife for a mum, Kidake inculcated the virtues of hard work and humility from an early stage in life. An ardent christian by faith, he understands pretty well that God gives grace to the humble hence humility is his other name.

” My vision is to inspire young people to dream big and transform our great county of Vihiga”

“Born and raised up in Vihiga county Munoywa village, I had first hand experience of the challenges people go through. Having three meals per day was a luxury my parents could not afford and growing up, I resolved not only to work hard and change things but also to do everything within my powers to help others as well. God has been faithful and so far we are helping change lives” narrated Kidake.

Kidake Foundation a pillar of hope.

The Kidake Foundation a personal initiative  is helping change lives in Vihiga county.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Victory belongs to you Jesus”.

The above words hang on Kidake’s office wall and true to the inscriptions, Hon Kidake together with his dear wife have worked extremely hard to create the much needed change by innovating several ways to the path of change.

Music Studio project in Vihiga.
“Our county boasts of legends when it comes to the music industry right from Daudi Kabaka, David Amunga,Meshack Lohonga not forgetting John Nzenze whom we laid to rest in Hamisi sub county early this year. New generation artists are also ruling the airwaves. Gospel artists like Florence Andenyi just to name but afew.  Having studio projects under Kidake foundation in every sub county will help tap the unexplored talents and expose them to the outside world. Our foundation has partnered with reknown music producers and artists and we shall be rolling out soon for the benefit of our people” added Kidake.

Soccer development in Vihiga.
“Soccer is no longer a passtime activity but also a big time revenue earner. Under Kidake foundation we dont only see our young boys and girls as tools to be assembled for entertainment all in the name of XYZ tournament. No! we have deliberate plans to roll out soccer academies that will nurture talent throught the year round as opposed to seasonal tournaments for political expediency. Working together with grassroot sportsleaders will help in this” says Kidake.

Mr Kidake who is also an ardent supporter of Vihiga queens,Vihiga united and Luanda villas dreams of a time when the county will be having three teams playing in the Kpl.Kidake took to his fb page a while ago just to celebrate the return of Vihiga united to KPL.

Women Empowerment under Kidake Foundation.
“Women play an intergral part in building our economy.Kidake foundation in conjunction with Stara microfinance which is Mrs Kidake’s brainchild has rolled out training programmes to small scale business women and helped disburse over 15Million to women in Vihiga county. Once the women are trained on basic business skills and on how to save, we go a head and through Stara microfinance disburse to them loans at a much friendlier interest rates and a flexible repayement plan to help them grow” says Mr Kidake.

Vihiga county gubernatorial race.
Many people believe that the city businessman fits the bill for the top county seat in 2022.
“Kidake is young, and does not carry any baggage from the system. It is not easy to soil his name in any government related scandal. He has made his money in honest business in Nairobi. We want our young men to emulate him and run for top seats. These are the times we used to tell them that hao ni viongozi wa kesho” Marko Asava from Mbale said.

On his thoughts on his suitability to replace governor Otichillo in Vihiga, this is what Hon Kidake said.
“My track record in the business world is here for all to see. My passion is to help develop my home county and open it up for investors. Yes Iam ready and willing let the people decide” .

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