Nick Mwendwa to blame for Harambee stars poor show in Comoros: Bonface Ambani.

The “mighty harambee stars” lost 2:1 to Comoros Islands in Moron on Sunday. This poor show can be directly attributed to FKF president Mr Nick Mwendwa atleast according to several soccer lovers in Kenya.

One such lover is former international striker now coach Mr Bonface Ambani.
According to the goal poacher, Fkf has failed to put systems in place to enable a seamlesss operation at the national team level.

Stop changing coaches like you would change diapers!

“You cannot just wake up and fire and hire coaches the way you want even if you are the boss, there must be a process. Furthermore you cannot handpick coaches for the national team and expect miracles there must be a defined process” lamented Ambani.

The gaffer was reacting to the way coach Kimanzi was fired and his place given to Ghost Mulee who untill his appointment was a radio show host.

Unaweza ambia nini Comoros?maneno matamu ya mwisho!😂😂

The above line has been used jokingly to get back at Ghost Mulee for not delivering a win for the stars. The line is one of Ghost’s final lines during his radio show programme where lovers are united and brought together live on air.

But why did Kimanzi and his team get fired?

According to those in the know, Kimanzi a product of Mathare fc lost favor with Mwendwa during the campaigns over his former club’s opposition to his re election. It is believed Mathare utd, Gor Mahia and Kakamega homeboyz openly showed their disdain for Mwendwa’s brand of leadership and since Kimanzi and Zico are products of Gor and Mathare they were expected to give way while Webo a leopard was cought in the line of fire as a collateral damage.

Despite his long years of inactive and competitive coaching, Ghost Mulee was hired as part of a reward scheme for his unwavering support for Mwendwa’s election”.

Ghost Mulee despite his excellent coaching credentials, had given himself a sabbatical and went into radio officiating and coaching troubled marriages. Whether it was for the excellent job at radio Jambo that earned him the job or his unwavering support for Nick Mwendwa that can be likened to that between Mulu Mutisya and president Moi only time is telling.
Ghost Mulee and his liberty academy participated and voted for Mwendwa and now it is reward time. Yes it is our time to eat as soccer good principles are thrown to the dogs. Call it soccer prebendalism starring Nick and Ghost.

Is Origi better than Ian Otieno, John Oyemba and Patriq Matasi?

Soccer lovers have also heaped blame on Ghost Mulee’s player selection regime terming it as old and tired which is only meant to relive his fond memories of yester years forgetting that times have changed.

“At this rate, we shall be seeing players like Oliech, Musa Otieno and Mambo back in the national team. Ghost should not bring back ghosts of yester years at the expense of young blood who want to conquer the world” lamented a soccer lover.

Is there hope for redemption?

According to Ambani, there is little hope for a better soccer management in Kenya.

“If all you have is a vitz, forget about winning the Safari rally” he says.
“When soccer delegates voted not with soccer at heart but with their stomachs, I knew our fate was sealed on the ballot.Kenyans should brace themselves for another 4years of mediocrity in the soccer world. Soccer legends like Joe Kadenge are turning in their graves when they hear Comoros with a population of 800 000 people is giving Harambee stars problems. The buck stops at Mwendwa and his friends desk at Kandanda house.

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