Is Vihiga county ready for a woman governor? Janet Ominde thinks she fits the bill but who is she?

With Vihiga county boss Hon Wilbur Otichilo running down his term, many politicians are angling  up to replace him. Both seasoned politicians and new comers are warming the ground promising a grueling battle in 2027. One such candidate is one Janet Ominde.

For the past few months, Madam Janet Ominde has been traversing the vast county of Vihiga selling her agenda. Going by the crowds she has been attracting, it will be unwise for anybody to ignore her presence. She has arrived and asserted her position as a major player in the succession matrix here in Vihiga county.

Wwww.goodmorningkenya cought up with Janet Ominde at her Banja home in Hamisi subcounty and sought to know who Janet is.

Jannet Ominde is a humble woman born and bred in Vihiga county , a leader with humility. A quiet powerhouse with immense knowledge.  A talent unmatched yet grounded on principles, and all is about "adding value" to the people...Touching Lives! " this is how she describes herself.

When probed about what she does in building the nation, Ominde who is in her  50s said that she has spent over 25 years in private sector which gives her enough experience in people management.

I am a woman with over 25+ years experience in the private sector, I can assure you that I will govern Vihiga county with precision, a go getter, result oriented transformative leader, the people of Vihiga will be in safe hands under my governorship” she added.

Is Vihiga ready for a woman governor?

Skepticism is rife in Vihiga county with the country   having a record of not having elected a woman MP save only for the current woman rep.

This is a trend that Janet intends to change.

One of a woman’s sole reason of creation ; is Multiplication.Give a woman anything in her hands, she will bring back tenfold.My soul aspiration is to transform Vihiga county from where we are with whatever we have.The resources in our county can be used to immensely transform ourself from dependence to self reliance if well utilized. We can Make Vihiga a great tourist destination by putting to use our Wagevera historic site, Mungoma Caves, Maragoli hills among other tourists sites to make Vihiga great.The great talents exhibited amongst our youths, just needs to be slightly boosted by enhancing cultural and talent centres to make our youth self employed through social media.I believe,you and I can make Vihiga great and that  is why I am offering myself for the county’s top job, we make Vihiga Great Again.” Janet says.

Janet understands the political terrain pretty well. Going by her recent trips across the county, she could be gaining ground.

However she will have to contend with seasoned politicians like current Makadara MP George Aladwa, Emuhaya MP Omboko Milemba, former senator George Khaniri , busines mogul Alex Kidake and as word is believes that current Senator Godfrey Osotsi could be weighing his chances and throw his hat in the ring.

Is Janet ready to battle with the political heavy -weights?

Big names dont scare me at all, my plane has taken off, Iam not in anyway competing with my brothers, my business is to identify what is ailing our people and suggest best solution and I know the good people of Vihiga will decide” she added.

Janet has so far Identified Education, Health, Sports and talent, and creating a conducive environment for business as key areas towards making Vihiga great


But the biggest question remains, are Vihigans ready for a woman governor? Time will tell.

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