Hon Carolyne Mayunzu aiming higher in 2022.

Fondly known by her stage name as Mama Yao due to her firebrand style of politics, Hon Carolyne  Andisi Mayunzu the first time nominated MCA in the Nairobi county assembly is aiming high even as we approach the 2022 general election.

But who is Carolyne Andisi Mayunzu?

‘’ Well, in a nutshell, Carolyne Mayunzu aka Mama Yao is a mother, wife, daughter but above all a city politician who subscribes to ODM Party’’ She says.

I Was inducted into politics way back during my high school days where I would stand up against any oppression, my schoolmates nicknamed me a politician and when I came of age, I plunged into politics head on hence the name Mama Yao.

The first time MCA is an all-round politician, a staunch supporter of AFC Leopards Soccer club, Hon Mayunzu has served as a board member at the oldest club before venturing into elective politics.

Hon Mayunzu in full Afc leopards regalia enjoying a past derby.

In 2017, Hon Mayunzu participated in the ODM party primaries for Nairobi women representative where although she put up a brave fight and had a good showing, some other party dynamics led to her not getting the ticket but Hon Passaris got it. As a staunch ODM supporter and a sworn daughter of baba, Raila Amollo Odinga Rt Hon, she stayed the course and campaigned for both the party and all its candidates in Nairobi which eventually so the party reward her with a slot as a nominated member at the county assembly.

Hon Mayunzu on the campaign trail.

I am a Never say die kind of a politician.

‘’When your enemies think of your failures they forget that there is God who has the say. When they think of your downfalls, that’s the time when God is ready to shame them by brightening your star. my smile will never fade, I am marching on, watch this space’’ she said.

When I lost the nomination to become the party’s candidate for Nairobi county woman Mp, many people wrote me off politically but I remained steadfast and focused on my political journey, people are yet to see the best of me politically’’ added Mayunzu.

will she be contesting any elective seat in 2022?

” Serving as a nominated member of the county assembly has been a big honor for me. However it comes with a myriad of challenges because the electorate expect too much from you oblivious of the fact that a nominated member has no vote head or a kitty where she or he can easily supervise. There are times people stream into my house asking for bursaries but that is only a preserve of elected members. This has always made me shade a tear as a mother who understands what fellow women go through in educating their kids. It is against this back drop that in 2022 I shall be presenting myself for an elective seat in Kangemi central ward as an MCA” revealed Hon Mayunzu.

The youth are our future and we must take care of them.

Hon Mayunzu.

Hon Carolyne Mayunzu is a firm believer that we should always take good care of our youthful population. In her individual capacity, she has helped mentor youths, boosted those in business and above all tried to rehabilitate those in drugs.

Hon Mayunzu engaging Boda Boda youth in Kangemi area.

Covid 19 pandemic has shuttered the dreams of many families and exposed our society badly..

Hon Mayunzu.

Hon Mayunzu when she visited a childrens home in Kangemi central.

Over the weekend, Hon Mayunzu took time off her busy schedule and visited a children’s home in Kangemi central area where she donated foodstuffs to the needy children.

” God has placed it in my heart to always look for a need and then meet it, this is what we are called to do as leaders in a society, remember when you give to the poor, you are lending to the Lord” she concluded.

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