Vihiga county senatorial Hopeful Hon Osotsi holds a high octane tour of the county as he is endorsed by various opinion leaders.

Over the weekend, Hon Godfrey Osotsi the Vihiga county senatorial aspirant for 2022 held a series of meetings in the vast county where he engaged with various stake holders and opinion leaders.

The well organized tour saw the Mp visit all the 25 wards that make up Vihiga county where he listened to various concerns from the locals besides aiding them in their various development initiatives.

Barely 14 months before the 2022 general elections, the first time legislator has emerged as a front runner with his message and development initiative resonating well with the people.

‘’My mantra is getting the best for the whole of Vihiga.I will not choose whom to serve and whom not. My politics is anchored on the philosophy of unity and togetherness.’’  Hon Osotsi said.

Hon Osotsi donates building material to aid in the construction of Bugina Friends Church in Busali ward.

While speaking at Bugina Friends church, the Mp urged residents to always preach unity and cohesion which is a major pillar in development. He donated 30 packets of floor tiles & added them 20 k in aid of the construction of the house of God. He received a warm welcome as the faithful vowed to support him in his bid to capture the Vihiga senatorial seat.

From Bugina which is in Busali ward, the Mp intensified his charm offensive and worshiped at the Gaimedi Salvation Army church.

Speaking at Gaimedi Salvation army church, the Member of parliament thanked the congregants for the fervent prayers both to the nation and Vihiga county at large. He further donated 20 bags of cement to the church in aid of construction of Majors house.

‘’When men of God are well housed, they can now devote their time in giving us spiritual food’’ Hon Osotsi said.

 While requesting the church to rally behind him as he seeks to represent the vast county in the senate, Hon Osotsi told them that he will always remain their servant for that is God’s plan.

Hon Osotsi donates cash towards the buying of an ambulance for Chamakanga Metropolitan Welfare.

While winding up his tour of Busali ward over the weekend, Hon Osotsi joined the Chamakanga Metropolitan welfare and gave his personal contribution towards their project of acquiring an ambulance for the community.

”This is a noble idea where the community is positively engaging in helping meet a need. Health is key to our growth both as a community and a nation, I will personally walk with you until we acquire an ambulance that shall be used to quickly take the sick to hospital” Hon Osotsi said

The Mp gave his personal donation of 50,000ksh besides promising to walk with the welfare until the ambulance is bought.

This very noble act of engaging the people and listening to their needs of the people has earned him lots of praise and admiration from all.

’Ever since the advent of devolution in 2013, Vihiga county has never had a real champion to oversight the county government of Vihiga. The current senator is a total failure and a big letdown to the people of Vihiga. For that reason, I wish to introduce to you Vihiga’s finest and super-duper Senate aspirant, HON GODFREY OSOTSI. With Hon Osotsi, our dwindling hopes in senate leadership will be rekindled. Your devolution money will be safe. This is the only safe pair of hands’’ Brian Mugoywa said.

Hon Osotsi donates materials worthy 100 000 plus 20000 cash towards the construction of Dora and Julius’ home for the less privileged.

Over the weekend while still in his tour of Vihiga county, Hon Osotsi was hosted by SOROPTIMIST INTERNATIONAL led by former Maendeleo ya Wanawake boss in Vihiga county and one time Sabatia Mp aspirant Alice Kirambi and other women leaders in Vihiga for a funds drive towards the construction of a home for the less privileged in Maseno.

Vihiga county women leaders led by Alice Kirambi endorse Osotsi for senator 2022….

The women leaders in attendance praised him for heeding their call to help and endorsed him for the Vihiga county senatorial seat in 2022.

While thanking the women leaders for their endorsements, Hon Osotsi promised to continually keep working with all for the good of Vihiga county. The Hon Mp donated building materials worthy 1000k and gave 20000 in cash towards the noble venture.

Hon Osotsi host delegations from each of the 5 constituencies in Vihiga at his Luanda home.

To wind up his 4 day charm offensive in Vihiga county, the Vihiga county senatorial aspirant for 2022 Hon Godfrey Osotsi entertained delegations of opinion leaders drawn from the 5 constituencies of Vihiga county namely, Sabatia, Hamisi, Vihiga , Emuhaya and Luanda constituencies.

While speaking at his Luanda home, the leaders thanked him for the kind gesture of seeking to walk with them in ensuring the development of the great county of Vihiga.

” We want to thank you for hosting us for a cup of tea and nyama choma. This is a hallmark of a true leader who is ready and willing to work for his people. As leaders from the grassroots, we want to assure you of our support even as we walk towards 2022” Elder Erastus Shimonyo from Hamisi said.

”We thank you Mheshimiwa senator mtarajiwa for inviting us to your home, this shows that you are ready to work with your people. We thank you because we have seen that, unlike your competitors who only show up at funerals, you have taken the time and spent money just to host us here and listen to us even as we assure you of your support. The future is bright.” One leader said in reference to other senatorial aspirants who do not spend money to hold town hall meetings but instead wait for free gatherings at funerals.

Hon Osotsi has so far emerged as the front runner to replace Hon Khaniri the current Vihiga county senator who has his eyes set on the gubernatorial seat currently held by Gov Otichilo.

Other senatorial aspirants in Vihiga include Kabwareng MCA Hon Jackson Swadi who many people believe he should be running in his native Nandi county where he is serving as MCA, Mr Babira Ndeda who incidentally comes from Emgwen in Nandi county and also vied as Emgwen mp in 2013, Leonard Ongadi and Ernest Kiyai an employee of Nairobi county govt.

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