My march to Nairobi governorship in 2027 is unstoppable: Tim Wanyonyi.

Westlands MP Tim Wanyonyi has officially announced his intention to run for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat in 2027, promising a no-holds-barred campaign to secure the position.

This declaration was made during the 37th birthday celebration of the Nairobi Yearly Meeting of Friends Church on Ngong Road, where Wanyonyi was the guest of honour.

Reflecting on the 2022 elections, Wanyonyi recounted how he was compelled to step down in favour of Polycarp Igathe due to zoning arrangements within the Azimio coalition.

Despite Igathe’s campaign, he was ultimately defeated by UDA’s Johnson Sakaja, leaving many of Wanyonyi’s supporters disheartened.

“In 2022, I came to this church, talked to the pastors, and launched my candidature for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat. However, due to zoning in our Azimio coalition, I was asked to step down,” Wanyonyi recalled.

“This time, we will go full throttle to the very end for the seat in 2027.”

Wanyonyi’s declaration was met with wild cheers of approval from the congregation, signaling strong support for his renewed bid.

“Whether they bring a coalition or no coalition, this time my vehicle has no reverse gear; we have to go all the way to the ballot,” he asserted confidently.

Wanyonyi’s commitment to Nairobi’s development and his vision for the city’s future were central themes in his address.

He emphasized the need for responsible governance and effective use of resources, criticizing the current administration’s approach to taxation and budget management.

“The government wants to tax even the food you put on the table, and they do not feel it. The problem is that even the taxes collected are not made good use of by the government,” he stated.

The Westlands MP also touched on his dedication to education and social welfare programs, highlighting his opposition to the National Treasury’s decision to scrap the KSh 4.9 billion budget allocated to the school feeding program.

“As members of parliament, we will ensure the school feeding program remains in the budget,” he promised, emphasizing the critical role such initiatives play in supporting Kenya’s youth.

In closing, Wanyonyi urged the congregation and all Nairobi residents to engage actively in the political process and hold leaders accountable.

Pray for Kenyan leaders to ensure they understand their role is to ensure services are delivered to Kenyans and not self-seeking,” he said, drawing on biblical references to underscore the importance of integrity and service.

As the 2027 election approaches, Tim Wanyonyi’s announcement has set the stage for what promises to be a dynamic and closely watched gubernatorial race.

His experience, vision, and commitment to Nairobi’s progress resonate with many voters, positioning him as a formidable candidate in the pursuit of the city’s top leadership role.

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