Youthful politician Christopher Kaku takes Kangemi Central by storm


All politics is local and if there is one single person redefining this old age adage is none other than the firebrand Chris Kaku Ongara. Just like a bushfire in the harmattan, Kaku is taking Kangemi Central by storm.

Chris Kaku with Nairobi county ODM party boss Hon Aladwa in a past event.

Born and raised in Kangemi central of  Westlands constituency, Kaku comes around as your ordinary hood fellow who understands  with clarity the needs of the local population.

As we move closer to 2027, Mr Kaku has made his political intentions clear in advance.

I have thrown the gauntlet and it is no longer a secret that I Christopher Kaku Ongara shall be seeking the mandate of the great people of Kangemi Central to represent them as their MCA in 2027″ Chris told a gathering last weekend.

The One term Jinx of Kangemi Central Ward.

For the past few years, Kangemi central  ward has had the reputation of just electing its MCA for just one term.

In 2007 under ODM Hon  Duncan Angode won the mandate to represent the Ward. His attempt to defend the seat on UDF in 2013 encountered strong wave from ODM which led to the triumphant  entry of a new comer Hon Isuha.

As fate would have it, Hon Isuha too failed to defend his seat on ODM where he was trounced  by yet another new comer Hon Paul Shilaho Mahamba in 2017.

The one term jinx would also show its ugly head again when incumbent Hon Paul Mahamba fell yet to another entrant the current MCA Hon Hamisi Maleya in 2022.

Despite the jinx, Mr Kaku believes that Kangemi central has one of the most enlightened vote base.

“People  would want to say that it is the one term jinx at play here in Kangemi Central but I look at it from a different trajectory. Our people are enlightened  and want to hold their leaders to account. There is no difference between Kitusuru where my brother Palapala has done three uninterrupted terms and Kangemi central. When the electorate has given you the opportunity to serve do it with passion  but the moment you deviate and become  a big man, they will send you home. I have seen all the former MCAs sent packing on account of their inability to honor their pre election promises. 2027 will not be different, the same fate that befell past leaders will befall the incumbent. As a resident and a voter who has seen it all here, I can only tell the current leadership one thing, Mene! Mene! Tekel! The writing is on the wall.

Chris Kaku.

From the people to the People.
Kaku prides himself as the people’s  person.  He has been part and parcel of virtually all the youths engagements in Kangemi Central.

“Having been born and raised here, I know what our peoples needs are. I have been at forefront of fighting drug abuse amongst our youths, early pregnancies, crime and matters to do with our environment. I have helped rehabilitate our youth from drugs, crime, and also championed for a safer and cleaner Kangemi central. By stepping forth to seek an elective seat, I know what our people need and sure enough I will deliver”


Churches  within Kangemi central ward have embraced his candidacy and vowed to pray with him as he traverse the ward. One such assembly is the ADC church wich has so far endorsed him and thrown its weight behind him.

Kaku we want to urge you to remain focused and when we finally elect you in 2027?remain humble   and accessible. Don’t be like the rest who only show up when they are seeking votes but disappear once elected. Be different. One church leader in the rank of Chief Kasisi said.

Chief kasisi.

Will Christopher Kaku Ongara be the the guy to keep the jinx of Kangemi central alive?

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