AFC leopards drink one for a drunkard Tusker.

It was an epic battle, mind stacked duel between Patrick AFC coach and Robert Matano the Lion. Far from past fixed attitudes, narrow perspectives, and unproven facts, Leopards is proving itself against Tusker.

Since 1998, Tusker Fc had become a thorn in the backyard of the Great AFC leopards. Whenever AFC played Tusker, to AFC fans, it was almost like the match had been already decided, or the outcome was already known, and fans went out only for confirmation.

To present fans, few have witnessed AFC beat Tusker, few have seen Tusker lose to AFC leopards. The so-called Jinxed attitude seems to have disappeared and AFC is now hammering Tusker-like its brew.

Early this season, AFC humiliated Tusker during the league opener, a game that saw Matano complain helplessly. Heading to today’s clash, Robert Matano was quoted, terming this clash as the final for the competition. And with the drama going in due to the choice of the venue, everything seems to have worked against Tusker at their home ground.

AFC has never played Tusker at its home ground in the longest time if my memory can serve me right. A win at this venue is a big boost for the Leopards who have played better this season than any other season since 2012 23 top-of-the-table games of Koops era.

With this clash now decided, AFC is now a contender for the top honors in the premier league if this result is anything to go by. Tusker is the only limit that AFC has to overturn to win the 2020/2021 premier league trophy.

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