Broke Kenyan Musicians begs Unga ya ugali from the DP- due to Covid 19 effect.

Names of artists who are badly affected by the effects of ravaging Covid-19 pandemic today showed up to pick a packet of Unga from the Deputy president who was very sympathetic by their state.

Yes, the artists who included Musicians and comedians have been on their low due to the lockdowns that have locked them from their sources of income. Indeed they are suffering and getting a packet of Unga to go home with is not a bad idea anyway!

But the real artists or Musicians who need support are not actually the artists who went to see the deputy president. If you look at the pictures captured you would believe not that these artists or Musicians are hungry for Unga. The real hungry artists or musicians were left out and what you see in these pictures, it is just an elite club.

Should the deputy president deal with just a section of the Musicians and artists or he should mobilize the government machinery and actually cater to all recognized artists across the society. Anyway a great teacher once said, if you are doing it for charity don’t bring a camara, Now you know!

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