Oparanya’s tough demands to Raila Odinga.

While attending a funeral in Kakamega, the outgoing governor has asked Hon. Raila Odinga to back him for ODM ticket. He noted that he has supported Raila for so long and now it is time for him Raila Odinga to return a favor. The governor said,

My party leader, I humbly request you to support my presidential bid in the 2022 General Elections. I have supported you since I joined politics and it is time for you to return the favor by supporting me for ODM’s presidential ticket and in the General Elections. With your support, my development record, and reaching out to other national leaders for their support, I am confident of becoming the fifth President of this Country.

This statement comes in the wake of a brewing fire within ODM’s deep state telling off Oparanya and Joho over ODM’s presidential ticket. The ODM stalwarts have cautioned the two aspirants from running against baba for ODM presidential ticket. Will Raila reply to Oparanya or will Junet reply on his behalf. The storm is cooking in ODM and soon or later truth shall spill out.

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