Wycliffe Oparanya to face EACC as Cleophas Malala ups pressure!

The senator for Kakamega Cleophas Malala has today called on the investigative agencies to speed up their investigations into a number of financial misappropriation in the county of Kakamega.

The Senator while reading the statement to the members of the fourth estate asked the EACC to investigate the following.

1. Kakamega County Assembly Car & Mortgage scheme.

2. Ksh. 200M Mumias Sugar revolving fund.

3. Corruption& Nepotism in Procurement.

4. Arbitrary withdrawal of Ksh 1.2M by the County Assembly Speaker from Assembly scheme.

5. Fraudulent repossession & allocation of plots in Kakamega & Mumias towns.

The senator believes there are serious questions in the management or procurement department in the county of Kakamega. His statement will actually put the governor of Kakamega in the noose of the dreaded agency. Rumor is hot that Wycliffe Oparanya is on the radar of the Agency and maybe the statement by Cleophas Malala is just a smokescreen.

Lately, Wycliffe Oparanya has been blowing hot and cold on matters ODM. He had purported to represent the ODM leader into forging a working relationship with Dr. William Ruto but it has turned out that Oparanya was working on his own intentions as William Ruto confirmed. He had tried trouncing Hon. Musalia Mudavadi in Matungu by-election by any means necessary but he lost the seat to Oscar Nabulindo the ANC candidate. Is Oparanya falling out with the Big boys League?

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