Forget Miguna Miguna, Prof Dr, Dr, Moni Wekesa could be our next chief justice.

The current vetting of the next Chief Justice has brought to fore the different personalities who are jostling for the top seat.

Kenyans were elated when justice, when Justice Marete he of etc etc took the hot seat to try and convince the panel that he was best placed to step into Maraga’s shoes.

Fred Ngatia’s eloquence and grasp of the law sent Kenyans into frenzy that that was short lived as the president of the court of appeal Justice William Ouko cool, calm and collected took the nation’s imaginations a notch higher.

Today one Professor, Dr, Dr, Moni Wekesa is on the hot seat. And yes you got it right he is DR, Dr, Moni Wekesa.

“We have different academic cultures. In central Europe if you have 3 doctorates, you write Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Its a culture I picked up from one of my Alma Mater

Moni Wekesa.

but who is Moni Wekesa?

Prof. Dr. Dr Moni Wekesa who is currently on the seat being interviewed for the position of Chief Justice.He was born in 1959 in Kakamega County. He graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Science) degree from Kenyatta University in 1981.He went back for a masters degree and worked as a an Assistant Tutorial fellow, lecturer and senior lecturer at KU from 1982 to 1995.In 1989 he obtained a PhD in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation from Deutsche Sporthochschule, Cologne, Germany. From 1997 he became Senior Lecturer and Deputy Dean of Faculty of Education, University of Botswana. In 1998 he became an Associate Professor, the University of Namibia Between 1998 and 2001 he worked as Regional Manager, Africa Special Olympics Inc. Prof Wekesa decided to change his career and joined the University of Nairobi, school of law where he graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree in 2002. He then received a Diploma in Laws from the Kenya School of Law in 2004 and was admitted to the Roll of Advocates that same year. He joined the firm of Asiema & Co. Advocates as an associate up to 2005 when he moved to Billy Amendi & Co. Advocates up to 2007.Still in 2005 he obtained a Master of Laws degree from the University of Nairobi. In 2007 he opened his own law firm Moni Wekesa & C. Advocates where he is still an Associate and Managing Partner. In 2010 he acquired a Ph.D. in Law from the University of Nairobi and immediately became the Founding Dean and Associate Professor of the School of Law, Mount Kenya University up to 2016. Still, in 2010 he became a Senior Lecturer, the Catholic University of Eastern Africa up to 2012. He is now an Associate Professor, Daystar University. Prof Wekesa also served as the Executive Secretary of, Kenya Football Federation from 2005 to 2006.

What is part of his agenda?

“My first agenda after being named CJ would be to mend relationships between Judiciary & other arms of Government. The second agenda would be to build allies, to take Judiciary to the people.”

All the best Prof, Dr, Dr Moni Wekesa.

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