Prayers seem not working for Dr. Ruto as more trees get slippery ahead of 2022 bang.

If you were the deputy president of Kenya Dr. William Ruto, what will you do to survive when faced with a million predators? It is becoming conditional and a political routine that, anything Dr. William Ruto touches on, the Jubilee party dissociates itself from it.

The relationship between the President and his deputy president is falling off too fast like the big bang. It is now automatic the president and the deputy president are not seeing eye to eye. Since the second term of the jubilee administration, Wiliam Ruto has found it hard, he is no longer the powerful Ruto whose word was almost like a law.

From kusema na kutenda to sisi kama serikali ya Jubilee tu metenga, William Ruto now finds himself between a hard place and a soft place not knowing where to turn. Over the years he has moved across the country dishing out big banquets of brown envelops but all that effort has been drained off and curtailed off by the Uhuru wing.

Last week Dr. William Ruto appeared a frail man even as he tried to explain what happened between him and the President. He said, constitutionally it is his role to advise the president and assist him in various capacities but since their re-election as the Jubilee government, William Ruto has found it hard going as the Uhuru administration has appeared to sideline him.

He has been forced to watch as junior appointees of the president take on his duties. He claimed that if the Jubilee party will continue to sideline him he has no option but to use the UDA party which is a coalition partner of the ruling administration to ascend to power. Was that just a thought or a figment in his imagination? Why didn’t he know that Rafael Tuju has alternative ideas?

The powerful secretary-general of the Jubilee party yesterday shocked the William Ruto wing when he released a hot-like potato masterstroke that disqualified the UDA party which was formerly PDR from being a member of the administration. He wrote a letter to the registrar of political parties to inform the office of the impending disqualification. This is a matter that sources close to the ruling party say is a done deal.

Dr. William Ruto is no longer a wanted man in the ranks of the party. If he wishes to resign, let him dare the devil, sources said. What will happen to the deputy president is a wait-and-see situation. No one knows what the future hold for him, even though he parades confidence and an act of courage on the outer world, deep within his body, psychologist believe he is hurting, he doesn’t know where he will be after having one foot into the statehouse for almost ten years and yet it still appears he is still far away from it.

The kind of depression Dr. William Ruto will fall into will be of monumental proportions and its consequences and effect will be too huge like the Himalayan forest. Prayers seem not to be working for Dr. William Ruto as more trees are getting slippery as 2022 ticks. Will William Ruto pull a surprise from his bag of tricks? What happens if he doesn’t get past the Uhuru-backed succession plan? What happens if BBI fails to pass? What formation will he use to ascend to power?

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