Captain Macleans Sloya changing lives in Sabatia as he constructs toilets to many schools in the area.

via Benson Akidiva Wodanga/ Sabatia.

With barely 17 months to the next general elections, voters across the country are readying themselves to elect new leaders.

Sabatia constituency home of Amani National Congress leader Hon Musalia Mudavadi has not been left behind either. With the incumbent MP Hon Alfred Agoi gunning for the governorship, his seat has attracted several candidates.

One such candidate is a young man called Macleans Sloya Iganza or simply Captain Sloya.

Why Macleans Sloya fits the bill as Sabatia’s next Mp.

Through his foundation, Captain Sloya has touched many souls not only in Sabatia but in the entire county of Vihiga.

 We have seen many projects being done courtesy of Sloya foundation. The age-old jiggers menace has been taken care of even as the homeless from the most disadvantaged members of the community have been sheltered.

several families have benefitted from Sloya housing project.

All these community projects being undertaken by Captain Sloya are all geared towards enriching our community and putting a smile on the faces of many.

a down to earth leader connecting with all members here he is attending a funeral in Sabatia.

‘’When I was 10 years old.. My late mum Damarys always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘HAPPY’. The teacher told me I didn’t understand the assignment and I told him they dint understand life… Happiness is a choice… So is misery.. My desire and sole interest is that everyone is happy’’ says Captain Sloya.

Macleans Sloya, unlike other politicians who are seeking power to expand their clot, his sole intention is to use his position to continue the good work that he is currently doing.

’’ You don’t need to be in power to change lives, and power should be used to impact and change lives. I was born and brought up in Sabatia and what ails my people of Sabatia ails me. There is no way I can be happy when my people are not sheltered, not having at least three meals a day, and children not going to school. We need to change this and if the great people of Sabatia can work hand in hand with me, we can together make Sabatia great again even as we support our elder brother Musalia Mudavadi who is having a bigger assignment of liberating our country Kenya from the current economic meltdown’’ added Sloya.

Macleans builds toilets for schools in Sabatia.

‘’ With education, we can help change the world, but we must also ensure that our young learners are being taught in a conducive environment’’ Sloya .

Many schools in Sabatia have either been facing closure due to inadequate lavatories, or dilapidated ones unfit for human use or those already available could not carry the surging numbers of pupils.

As a leader, one is called upon to do something whenever a need arises. This call clearly suits Macleans Sloya who upon seeing the need in several schools, he has helped put up over 70 toilets across the 5 Wards in Sabatia constituency. Shools like Chamakanga primary in Busali Ward, Gaigedi, Munoywa just to name but a few have already benefitted with several toilets still under construction and by the end of the month, many will have been completed.

Macleans works in silence driven by the genuine need to bring positive change in Sabatia, unlike those glory seekers whose sole intention is to get power.

As a young man from Sabatia, I wish to urge all the people of Sabatia to rally behind Macleans Sloya and help make Sabatia great again.

Former Sabatia Mp Hon MUDAVADI with Captain SLOYA incoming MP…

Just like Hon Mudavadi who represented Sabatia at a relatively young age and even formed SACODEF which helped educate many,  Captain Sloya fits the bill with age on his side, Sabatia shall be transformed.

……Benson Akidiva  Wodanga/ Sabatia.

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