Raila brands Ruto as Mr. Six months as Ruto tells him to take responsibility for government failures.’

Raila Odinga and the deputy president have once again gone for each other in regards to what the two called Jubilee failures.

Mr Six months! The youngsters you promised laptops 8 yrs ago are now old enough to see through your LIES. The youth you promised 8 million jobs in 8 yrs can see through the WHEELBARROW lie you are now peddling. It has been 8 yrs Mr 6 months and not 3yrs. No Mr 6 months!

Raila said of Ruto.

In a swift rejoinder, Ruto called on the opposition to own up and take responsibility for the government’s failures since Raila was part of the government through the Handshake.

They pushed their way into the government through the handshake, they took over committees in parliament, they took over the running of government, three years down the line because they have failed miserably, they now want to run away from their own failure,” DP Ruto said

The Opposition must own its role in derailing the Government’s agenda. There is no running away from this reality.

Ruto said.

Renowned political commentator and senior counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi has also added his voice on the raging war.

The Handshake is 3 yrs old. During this period H.E UHURU & Raila undertook tremendous developments & initiatives in the country & implemented JUBILEE’S VISION. I think it’s this development & tranquility that Hon Raila should HIGHLIGHT as he launches his Presidential bid for 2022

the grand Mullar said.

These latest outbursts from the two leaders have kept Kenyans talking with several giving different opinions depending on their political inclinations.

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