Sir Charles Njonjo the Duke of Kabeteshire turns 101 yrs what is his secret to longevity?


Sir Charles Njonjo, Kenya‘s first Attorney General, is turning 101 years today. He is the only surviving member of Kenya’s first Cabinet. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLES NJONJO.

Sir Charles Njonjo is known for his smart suites that have a british touch.

On January 23, Sir Charles Mugane Njonjo, Kenya’s former Attorney General, minister and power broker turned 101 years.

Born to Josia Njonjo, a colonial chief of Kabete in 1920, Njonjo and his brother James (born 1922) were sent to Kikuyu CMS Primary and Junior School and Alliance High School in Kenya

Both Charles and James Njonjo were admitted in 1939 to King’s College Buddo; then the best school in East and Central Africa and fondly referred to as “The Eton of Africa.” Eton is the leading public school in the UK and has been attended by generations of British and foreign aristocracy, including 20 British prime ministers.

At Budo, Njonjo was placed in the same class with Sir Edward Muteesa, later Kabaka and first president of Uganda; Alex Odonga, a surgeon and former dean of Makerere Medical School; Lutaaya Kaganda, the father of Brig Andrew Lutaaya and Ms Ruth Kavuma. Others were Geresm Nkonge, the father of Justice Alex Nkonge, registrar Agnes Nkonge Muwonge; Dr Justin Were, Late Katuramu, the former Bunyoro Kingdom prime minister; Late Rubombora; and late Prof Mbabi Katana, former professor of music at Makerere University.

Njonjo meets Mutesa

In 1938, Buganda Government hired Captain Freddie Chritenden as Mutesa’s personal tutor, and both Charles Njonjo and Edward Mutesa learnt English etiquette and mannerism from this tutor. No wonder the Baganda used to refer to Mutesa as a Black English King as Kenyans referred to Njonjo as the Duke of Kabeteshire.
Njonjo thus enjoyed an exclusive league of hundreds of foreign students who have studied at Budo.

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