Will a 40Year Old Critiano turn up for the party? Alnasir vs Al Hilal final.

Yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo played his final club match of the season against his club’s greatest rival in the Saudi League, the legendary Al Hilal, The Real Madrid of Saudi.

Al Nassr Vs Al Hilal

It was a final match for the King’s cup, a prestigious trophy in the Saudi League. Ronaldo knew they had to win this cup especially against Al Hilal. He knew he’d give everything he had on the pitch than to let Al Hilal take another trophy away from them.

He did it once, so he can do it again.

The match started and barely 7mins into it, Al Hilal talisman, Mitrovic scored after a disastrous Goal keeping by Al Nassr Keeper, Ospina. Al Hilal led 1:0 until the halftime.

During the half time break, Ronaldo motivated his teammates. He knew it was just one goal difference, he let them know this too…”It’s just a goal, we can recover the goal and win.”

Second half began and barely 10mins later, Al Nassr Goal keeper, Ospina received a red card! The same Ospina that caused Al Hilal to score!
Now Al Nassr were down to 10 men. Their coach, Luis Castro had to remove a player and bring in their second Goal Keeper.

It was like Deja vu…because the last time Al Nassr faced Al Hilal in a final, Al Hilal were leading 1:0 and Al Nassr received a red card. Was history trying to repeat itself??

This was what Ronaldo asked himself in his mind…he looked up to the sky and thought to himself, “Lord, is this your will?…is this history repeating itself?”… After asking this question in his mind, he smiled. He looked at Mane, looked at Otavio, Brozovic, Telles and others and smiled at them.

Why?? Because if this was indeed history repeating itself, you’d also remember that in that former final after Al Nassr received a red card and were losing, Ronaldo took the bull by its horns and scored two goals to secure the win and win the cup for his team.

He knew if things went according to plan, the same fate was about to happen again. “But Cristiano, we are just 10…they are 11.” Mane told him with his Senegalese accent.
“I know Sadio. I know. Let’s play football, the God of football is on our side tonight.” Ronaldo replied still smiling.

Like King Leonidas led the 300 Spartans against thousands of Persian armies, Ronaldo led 10 man Al Nassr against 11man Al Hilal.

He never gave up. His team were one man down but Cristiano never gave up. He fought until the 87th minute, Ahmed from Al Nassr scored a goal and equalised for ten man Al Nassr!!

The whole team ran in jubilation, Ronaldo screamed with joy. Mane showed his Senegalese dancing steps. He thanked Allah too in the process.
You’d think they were done there, but the God of football said no…he made sure Al Hilal received not one but two red cards immediately.

So now, the tides had turned around in favour of Al Nassr. Victory was at their grasp.
Full time, match ended 1:1…going to extra time.
10 man Al Nassr vs 9man Al Hilal…. Game on!!

Extra time reached and Ronaldo led his teammates to the final battle. “It’s 30 more minutes for us to win this, my team. Bring out every weapon in your Arsenal and let’s flght for this trophy!” Ronaldo said during his team talk while preparing for extra time.

What he said was a great motivational speech but he was sadly misunderstood by his teammates because he mentioned Arsenal. They had Arsenal and thought he meant they shouldn’t flght to win the trophy. What a fooI!!!

At the end of the day, both teams could not produce a goal in extra time and the match went on to Penalty.

“This is the final stretch, boys. The God of football has done his best.. He now leaves the rest for us. Our fate is in our hands now.” Ronaldo motivated his teammates once again before Penalty.

Ruben Neves of Al Hilal played the first penalty and missed!!…. There was hope for Al Nassr!! Ronaldo could see the bright yellow light!
Unfortunately, Alex Telles of Al Nassr played the next penalty and missed too!… It became a game of miracle once again.

Ronaldo knew this miss would reduce the motivation of the players so he went on to take the next penalty and scored as a leader should… reviving the hope of his teammates once again, making them to believe the Saudi dream for Al Nassr.

He has done his part now, he leaves his fate in the hands of his teammates… teammates he trusts to deliver the final blow and bring the trophy home.

Unfortunately, ‘they plan and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners.’

Al Nassr missed two other penalties and Al Hilal went on to win the trophy.

Like King Leonidas, Ronaldo fell to the ground. He fell with tears, crying like a child as he bowed his head in shame and defeat. He tried so hard to hold in the tears but the more he held it in, the more they poured out like a waterfall.

Many assumed he cried because of the defeat…no no, Ronaldo never cries because of a defeat, he rather goes back and returns to avenge and take what is rightfully his.

But this time, Cristiano cried because he barely had anymore time to go back and return for vengeance. He is 39 already, close to 40. Still performing at the top level, scoring goals and winning Golden boots for fun but he knows his time is about to end…that is why he sheds tears. That is why he cries for every loss now. Time is no longer on his side.

Sadly, he did his best to win a trophy but his teammates were not lucky enough to match his best. But does that mean Cristiano will give up?? NO!!!! Does that mean Cristiano won’t come back for vengeance?? NO!!!

He is Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro, vengeance himself, the football GOAT, THE ONE, the man who turns haters into fans, the man who enjoys trolls because that’s what gives him energy to do more.

He is Cristiano Ronaldo and he is not done yet.
He conquered England
He conquered Spain
He conquered Italy
He will be back and he will conquer Saudi Arabia once and for all because that’s what he does best.

That is why he is the Greatest Of All Time.
To quote the Nigerians, “Na why we dey call am GOAT, he dey always turn up.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro. The man, The Myth, The legend.

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