Ian Njoroge could be jailed for 10years for assaulting a traffic officer

A young man who was caught on camera beating up a police officer on duty at Kasarani’s Mirema area has been arrested.

A 19 year old guy identified as Ian Njoroge was nubbed yesterday night while at his girlfriend’s house.

According to a viral video on social media, Ian a son of a Mavoko boys teacher and a mother who sells lab equipment, was irked by the cops demand for exorbitant bribe.

Ian a budding boxer beat a Mr Ngondu mercilessly as members of the public watched from a distance. It however to the intervention of a motorist who was driving by to save the cop as Ian took off.

According to the video below, Ian Assaulted the officer after some misunderstanding occured over how much bribe the officer was to receive.

Below is how the interrogation went down..

Afande: unaitwa Nani?”
Ian Njoroge: “IAN NJOROGE”
Afande: Sema Mimi ni wazimu
ian Njoroge: “Mimi ni wazimu kabisa”
Afande:”Sema Mimi ni umbwa”
Ian Njoroge:”Mimi ni umbwa”
Afande: kwa nini ulipiga ASKARI.
Ian Njoroge: kwa Sababu alikuwa Anitisha Pesa Mingi

Did you know that according to the National Police Service Act of 2011, assaulting a police officer especially on duty attracts a fine not exceeding Sh1 million, imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years or  both.

Sources say that Ian has several criminal cases pending in police stations.

Kenyas have posted mixed reactions with some praising Ian for his acts while others have condemned him.

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