No unity and National cohesion without Ruto-Muthama Says

Former Machakos senator Hon Johnstone has become the latest leader outside Rift valley to throw his weight behind Deputy President Dr William Ruto.

While speaking in Machakos county, Hon Muthama squarely laid the blame on Hon Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga for the discord in the country hightened by the Handashake and now BBI.

“Uhuru is talking to Raila but his deputy has no idea what the two are planning. Iam also sure Kalonzo, Mudavadi and Wetangula have no idea what arrangement the president and Raila have. If major political players are in the dark, how then is this going to be a national cohesion agenda? ” wondered Muthama.

“Reports and complains from our brothers in Rift valley should not be ignored. If indeed Uhuru want to leave a legacy of a united Kenya, he should desist from underhand deals with the sole intention of saying Mr so and so Tosha. Uhuru should remain neutral and let Kenyana elect whoever they so wish.” Added Muthama.

The new found comaraderie between Uhuru and Raila has displaced Ruto which has angered his followers all over the country.

Hon Muthama a former confidant of Hon Musyoka of Wiper is now gravitating towards the Deputy President.

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