Come marry me”, Gospel singer Ruth Matete calls out for potential husbands.

Gospel artist Ruth Matete has sent out a “come marry me requeast.

Ruth hit the headlines two years ago when her husband of Nigerian origin died under very mysterious circumstances.

I am very single. There’s single and there’s very single. I am very single. Searching? I want to be searched. The Bible says a man shall…not a woman. Hiyo nayo we cannot change that one please usikatie mwanaume .

Ruth Matete.

“I am tired of being single. Mimi sasa sitaki vijana ama wababa. Nataka wazee. I am not a child. Iwill be 37 next year. I need someone who understands that when you come, unajua tunakuja kufanya nini. I decided to give myself two years before I could start thinking about being with another man. This is two years, so shoot your shot,”

~ Ruth Matete.

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