Nairobi county MCAs blame Gov Sakaja for delaying their swearing-in, saying they won’t negotiate about speaker and majority leader positions

Nairobi  county MCAs elect are demanding an explanation to why, Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja is yet to gazette the first sitting of  the Assembly.

MCA’s drawn from Azimio la Umoja are wondering why it is taking long for the county chief to convine the assembly.

The MCA’s are reading malice and political witch hunt all geared towards armtwisting the county MCAs to elect  a Kenya Kwanza leaning speaker.

“We can not do our oversight role, representation and legislation because we have not taken oath  of office. This is now too much and Governor Sakaja must come out  and tell us why he is taking too long to have the first sitting gazetted.” Gatina Ward  MCA Kennedy Swaka lamented

We dont want to speculate that the delay has anything to do with the position of speaker and house leadership. We all know that Azimio has the majority in the assembly. This cannot be a matter for legal interpretation, our win in terms of numbers is very clear. We dont foresee a scenario where we shall be dragged to court and then the courts agakn say we presented hot air or we were on a wild goose chase No. Governor Sakaja kindly gazette the first sitting we want to hit the ground running and deliver to our people” addes Ken Swaka Gatina Ward Mca.

According to the  County Government Amendments Act of 2020,  the County Assembly will only be fully constituted with the presence of special elect members.
After the gazettement of the nominated MCAs the governor will then gazette the da fote the first sitting.
“Whenever a new county assembly is elected, the governor by notice in the gazette shall appoint (a) the place of sitting within the county as set out in the third schedule..(b) the date of the first sitting,’’ it states.

According to Kilimani MCA Moses Ogeto, they are questioning why the governor has taken too long to gazette their sitting yet other counties have done so.

Let me hope that it is not by design time is not on our side the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission took a lot of time to gazette the names of the nominated MCAs we are now seeing the same with governor Sakaja. We can’t represent our people the elected members have no business with nominations,” Ogeto told


Hon Absolom aka Matakwey Korogocho ward MCA.

on his part, Korogocho ward Mca elect Absolom Odhiambo popularly known as Matakwey Mobimba said that the continued delay by Sakaja was hindering service delivery.

On 9th, Nairobians woke up and made a choice, the election cycle is over, we want to serve our people now, however we cannot execute our mandate untilk we are sworn in. Our people are demanding service now. Gov Sakaja please convine the house asap.” Said Matakwey.

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