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A young, beatiful lady is looking for love, where are you men?

Well February is the month of love, dont let it end without love, If you are 34 years and above, well behaved, educated and financially stable, someone beautiful is looking for you.

she is single and searching..her name is Mbevi

“I am looking for a man. It has been hard to get one! Hitting restart and looking for a high score! Feeling ready to be owned” 32-year-old Winnie Mbevi, a mother of two, is looking for love! “A Kenyan gentleman above 34, well educated, financially stable and of high morals. Passionate, kind, mentally ready and able to love truly. Most people I get are younger than me and I feel I may not be able to respect someone who is younger than me. It may not work.””I was married to a Ugandan in 2012. It was a come-we-stay arrangement. He didn’t tell me he had another family. He brought in a third wife. We separated in 2016 after I asked him about his arrangement of having others wives. I wasn’t comfortable with it. He told me that if I wasn’t comfortable with it, then I move out. I moved out with my two children.””I am looking for a Kenyan gentleman above 34 years, well educated, financially stable and of high morals, passionate, kind, mentally ready and able to love truly,” Winnie told TUKO.You can contact Winnie via her email address mbeviwinnie@gmail.comPhotos: Winnie Mbevi (Facebook

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