Here is why Makadara MP is lobbying for a state job in a Raila government!

Makadara Member of Parliament George Aladwa has called on former Prime Minister and ODM leader Raila Odinga to offer him a state job once he ascends to the presidency in 2022.

But why is he sounding worried.? Could it be the fear of a poll defeat owing to the competitiveness of Makadara seat.? The seat has attracted many aspirants but city business mogul Antony Waithaka appears to be the darling of the people.

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Speaking when Odinga, the African Union High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa held a meeting with all ODM and Jubilee party officials in Nairobi County, Aladwa , who is the Nairobi county ODM chairman said he was ready to resign to fate in case he fails to recapture the Makadara seat in the forthcoming general elections and was willing to take a clerical job at State House in a Raila Odinga presidency. This after the first time legislator stares at defeat in the 2022 elections.

“The politics of Nairobi should be left to the people of Nairobi since there is interference from people who are pursuing their selfish interests and do not have your (Odinga’s) interests at heart,” Aladwa said,
“This team here should be allowed to make plans moving forward since there are those who will wait for the ground work to be done then dish out appointments to other people,”

“I have no interests and need of scrambling for seats, even if I am not re-elected in Makadara but you make it to be president, I ask that you offer me a job at statehouse. I have worked for you for years and as Nairobi Jubilee and ODM, we are fully behind you and won’t allow anyone to bring his interests to interfere with your interests,” the embattled MP said.

Aladwa has been under siege since city businessman, philanthropist and politician Anthony Waithaka announced his intentions to run for the Makadara parliamentary seat.

Makadara parliamentary aspirant Antony Waithaka in a past event.

The MP has been a worried man and is said to be having sleepless nights since Waithaka showed intention to vie for the parliamentary seat.

The law maker is a worried man with his fortunes in the race heading on a free-fall. Aladwa recently realized that his main opponent Waithaka through his foundation, Antony Waithaka Foundation has been working closely with the community key among them women groups and youth organisations. Women and youth have been major beneficiaries undergoing training facilitated by the Foundation to enable them acquire various Government loans available to women and youth groups, an opportunity they have largely missed out in the past.

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