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Freshley Mwamburi states that he forgave Stella and life goes on.

Ilikuwa ni Tarehe Kumi na Saba” mwezi wa tano….

so goes the ever green Stella wangu hit song by one Freshley Mwamburi.

But what is the story about Stella song.? Speaking to Churchill show host, Mr Mwamburi shocked many when he narrated that he indeed sang about a real life story about an x lover.

I met Stella in 1991 when I went to perform at Garden Hotel in Machakos after my band, Everest Kings, shifted base from Thika.At the time Stella was studying at the University of Nairobi, but she left for Japan in 1992 for further studies. She later informed me she wanted to settle down and I gave her my blessings.

The song highlights the story of a young man who fell in love with a young girl who was then a student at Kenyatta University.

That young man was named Freshley Mwamburi, and his love was a bright, ambitious girl named Stella. He came from Taita, she came from Kangundo.

But, just as he was considering settling down for an enchanting life with the girl of his dreams, the young man got the shock of his life when, in the early years of the 1990s, Stella ditched him for another man.

Heartbroken, he went to the studios and, together with his Everest Kings bandmate Abdul Muyonga, recorded the hit song ‘Stella’.

Stella Wangu’s remix video has come to life courtesy of engineer Njau Njoka, who oversaw the audition process to get the right cast and also funded the project to re-introduce Mwamburi into the music scene, empowering him to continue with his music career.

today being the 27th anniversary of that fateful event, Kenyans have taken to social media with several memes and quotes.

Linda Koskey: The first Kenyan whose fare was eaten, Freshly Mwamburi sold his land and car so that Stella would get a good education. It ended in premium tears. Stella returns today.

Gerald Ngao : Lakini si Freshly Mwamburi aliona siku refu. Anyway Boychild usilipie any girl School fees with an intention to marry her.


Freshly Mwamburi was our first ever victim of women eating fare

Mwamburi says he has forgiven Stella and moved on with her love of life one Dorcas Nduku with whom they have 5kids.

Initially my wife was not comfortable when she heard about Stella. I mean, which woman ever wants her husband to keep remembering his ex-lovers? Now, everything is okay with her. Our marriage is happy,” Mwamburi remarks informing that it has been eight years since he spoke to Stella whom he describes as a good person who in one way or another impacted his love life. She is married to a short man as my song says. If I would still talk to her she would remind me of things that are of the past. I took a break. I can’t dwell in the past. As I have always seen it, love is a very strange thing.

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