Let us not cheapen the race for Vihiga senatorship, lets choose the best.

As the 2022 elections approach, there is a bee hive of activities in Vihiga county. The 272,409 votes in the 548 polling stations are up for grabs. With the incumbent and first senator Hon George Khaniri going for the governorship, the senate seat has attracted several aspirants who are all promising to represent the good people of Vihiga county.

Outgoing Vihiga county senator Hon Khaniri who is eyeing the Vihiga governorship in 2022.

Of interest is the number of those salivating for the seat on ANC party ticket. Vihiga being the home turf of ANC party boss Hon Musalia Mudavadi, many aspirants believe that with the party ticket in your pocket, victory will be a foregone conclusion. But will this really play a factor in the Vihiga party politics considering that No governor has ever come from a Mudavadi leaning party? Only time will tell.

Who is who in the Vihiga senatorial race and do they really fit the bill?

The race has attracted several returnees who migrated from Vihiga over  a half a century ago but want now to come and lead the county. One such leader is one Mr James Ndeda Babira.

But who is James Ndeda?

Mr James Ndeda migrated from Vihiga long time ago and settled in Kapkangani area of Nandi county.

James Ndeda, Director of Victims of Terrorism Organization Kenya

Ndeda is a director of victims of the unfortunate 1998 Cooperative house bombing in Nairobi. He has had a stint in the USA and he is now back in the county.

During the 2007 elections, Mr. Ndeda contested the ODM Primaries in Emgwen but failed to secure the party ticket. In 2013 he gave the stub a second bid and ran on Chama Cha Mwananchi.

29NANDI155EMGWEN001Albert Indasi KayiParty Of Action422
29NANDI155EMGWEN002Amos Bernard ShilibwaFederal Party Of Kenya610
29NANDI155EMGWEN003Ketter GabrielNational Agenda Party Of Kenya186
29NANDI155EMGWEN004SAMMY KOSKEIKenya African National Union406
29NANDI155EMGWEN005Kosgey Alexander Kimutai Kigen KosgeyUnited Republican Party29,485
29NANDI155EMGWEN006Malel Joel KipkosgeiNational Vision Party of Kenya5,105
29NANDI155EMGWEN007Ndeda James BabiraChama Cha Mwananchi751
29NANDI155EMGWEN008James K. TanuiUnited Democratic Forum Party1,372
Results of the 2013 elections for Emgwen constituency.

During the 2019 Kaptuywa land row, Mr Ndeda a resident of Kapkangani was part of the team that received Kakamega senator, Hon Malala, Sabot Mp Hon Caleb Amisi, Hon Osotsi and Odm sg Hon Sifuna when they visited the area and donated food stuff to the evicted families. It therefore beats logic why such a resourceful person and a native of Nandi would shelve his ambitions in serving the great people of Emgwen and or Nandi for Vihiga?

To further buttress Mr. Ndeda’s quest and love of wanting the best for the people of Kapkangani /Emgwen in Nandi county, a post on his Facebook post on December 11/2020 reads…

Today was one of the darkest days in the history of Kapkangani people. For the time Kirongo has been the MCA for Kapkangani ward, residents have suffered too much. There are no roads in this ward. Those with cars and the boda boda operators have felt it. Today someone sacrificed to grade the road from Tindinyo to Mombor. The Kapkangani MCA, his father and his brother organized goons to attack the workers and it resulted in to breaking the grader. One person was badly injured. Kirongo I want to style up. In 2007 there was violence in kenya and many people lost lives. You are inciting people to violence. We call upon the People of Kapkangani to say NO to violence. We also urge the police to do their job. Kenya is for all of us. Kirongo leaders do not behave like this. Take this home Kirongo. You have lost it.

December 11/2020.

It would therefore add more value to the people of Nandi and or Emgwen to be served by Mr. Ndeda than him seeking political asylum in Vihiga county..

Hon Jackson swadi MCAHon Jackson Swadi Kedogo

Second term MCA and chair PAC Nandi County Assembly

After serving his term as Mathare ward councilor, Swadi shifted base to his home in Aldai where he is currently serving as a second term mca.

What makes Swadi the ideal candidate?

Hon Swadi the self-acclaimed KIDWADI’’(a derogatory term used to refer to Luhya ladies who beget children before marriage) has also declared his interests in the party ticket.

These huge interests especially from Vihigans in diaspora trooping home just to come and claim the ANC party ticket make one wonder if indeed these leaders have faith in the party’s ability to clinch seats outside Vihiga.

‘Swadi should be fighting it out in Nandi to make ANC More popular there. Does he know that for Mudavadi to become president he needs 25% in at least 24 counties? How do we raise those numbers when they are running back to Vihiga?

The party’s ability to hold a free and fair election.

All those trooping from diaspora to Vihiga should also be worried of Vihiga party intrigues.

Currently, the party is yet to hold county party elections which have in essence handed the party operations to the party’s woman Mp and the Sabatia Mp Hons Adagala and Agoi. With the likes of William Kaisha and Venna Kaisha who are both close confidants of the two MPs, getting the party ticket will be a herculean task. It is therefore prudent for whoever is seeking an elective position in Vihiga to market himself as a candidate and argue his case before the voters.

Hoyd Isadia.

Mr Hoyd Isadia has also declared his interest for Vihiga senatorship he is currently engaging the masses as part of his strategy. He comes from Hamisi sub county in Vihiga.

Hon Osotsi also eyeing the Vihiga seat.

The first time member of parliament on ANC has been traversing the vast county of Vihiga popularizing his bid. He is so far considered a front runner although his party of choice remains one of the best-kept secrets. He is however resonating well with the electorates and he comes out as a native who understands what ails the people. Born and raised in Vihiga county, Hon Osotsi emanates from Luanda sub-county

Whatever happens, Vihigans should choose the best without sacrificing ability at the altar of sycophancy mingled with party and sub-clan politics. The motto Umoja na Kazi Should be considered in making a decision. Those hellbent on clinging on Mudavadi’s court for political survival should be done away with.

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