Read Justice Marete’s hilarious qoutes!

“When I was born, it’s the nurse who cried….”Justice Marete Njagi:

My Chuka coffee farm can talk and tell you that am fit to be CJ, go to Chuka and confirm” ~Justice Marete

I’m a bad driver – if you leave the car with me, I’ll have to carry it.”~ Justice Marete

When I was 15years my parents moved to my house” Justice Marete

JSC: Do You have any Legal experience to convince us you are fit for this Chief Justice role? JUSTICE MARETE: Even Kenyatta became Kenya’s President without any experience.

When I turned 18 years, it’s my parents who moved out of their home.” ~ Justice Marete

“I’m not able to deal with police drivers. I prefer to have a civilian driver who can help me with my needs. I’ve not had a driver supplied to me by the judiciary”

My wife is a pensioner. She gets Ksh33,000 from the judiciary every month and eats it or throws it away… That’s none of my business,” Justice Marete

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