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”Hard work, dedication key to success for women politicians” Hon Lynda Aseyo.

No turning back! Hon Lynda Aseyo declares as she eyes an elective seat in 2022.

If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.

Margaret Thatcher

Nobody believes so strongly in the above phrase by the former iron lady and prime minister of the United Kingdom Margaret Thatcher than the first time MCA Hon Lynda Wamalwa. caught up with the budding politician and enquired of her what lies ahead in her political journey.

Hon Lynda in a past public function.

But first, who is Lynda?

Well, Lynda Aseyo, or simply Lynda Praise as she is fondly known by close confidants was born and brought up in Kakamega some twenty-plus years ago. She attended her primary education in Kakamega before crossing over to Moi girls Vokoli for her high school. East or west home is the best says Lynda as she returned back to her home in Kakamega where she joined MMUST to further her studies.

Hon Lynda taking oath of office as an MCA in Kakamega county.

Political journey….

They say politics is a calling and when the call is made, you must answer.

Hon Lynda Aseyo identified herself with Mudavadi led party which she believed and still does that provides the best solution for the divisive nature of our politics locally.

‘’ Mudavadi is calm and collected and whenever he gives his views on the many issues affecting our nation, he does it with sobriety. You can easily trust Mudavadi and therefore my decision to actively subscribe to his style of politics by joining ANC was not hard to make’’

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Women and Youth should actively fight for their space on the dinner table. They must register their presence strongly or they will be relegated to the menu…. Hon Lynda

During the last general election, women came out in large numbers and challenged for seats in different parts of the country. Kakamega county boasts of having some of the youngest lawmakers in the county assembly, a young woman, and also having the former senator Hon Godliver Omondi winning a seat her physical orientation notwithstanding.

 The opportunity to serve as a nominated member of Kakamega county assembly did not come on a silver platter. Lynda believes hard work and determination are key for any youth and more so a young woman aspiring to climb the political ladder.

‘’Prior to the 2017 general elections, I wholly gave my all in helping advance the party ideals besides campaigning vigorously for our party candidates in Kakamega county. This entailed attending strategy meetings, hitting the campaign trail and the terrain was blind to gender. Whenever we faced a challenge, we would meet it as equal members of ANC. It is this hard work and dedication that earned me a place in Kakamega county assembly’’ adds Lynda.

Hon Lynda during assembly proceeding in Kakamega.

What next for the nominated MCA Who has a dying passion for youth and women’s agenda in the county?

‘’ I have come of age, being a politician in Kakamega has exposed me well enough to face any political challenge in future. I admire the Kakamega county senator Hon Cleophas Malala, especially for his gusto, tac, and foresightedness. I have taken time to study him and most recently the win in the just concluded Matungu by-election where Malala played a pivotal role in ensuring that the party retained the seat, makes me feel that I am ripe and ready to roar. I have set my eyes on an elective post as an MCA in Kakamega county so guys should watch this space.’’ Says Lynda.

Challenge to fellow youth and upcoming women politicians…

Hon Lynda challenges fellow youth to be pro-active and fight for their spaces

Hon Lynda actively campaigning for the ANC Candidate in Matungu..Hon Nabulindo

.’’ In politics, nobody will give you space, you have to fight it out. No power is given’’ she urges.

Hon Lynda Aseyo is a nominated MCA on ANC ticket in Kakamega county. The first time MCA will be seeking an elective post on ANC in Kakamega county in 2022.

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