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A microphone could be spreading covid 19 to the clergy and politicians:Duncan Kegode.

Could a microphone 🎤 be a super spreader?
In the recent past many public speakers who use microphones have become victims of Covid-19 new strain. This provoked research on their common medium/tools of communication and the use of shared microphone is singled out as a possible weak link in the fight against Covid-19-19 among celebs, singers, preachers and media personalities especially reporters and anchors. The following are areas of concern on the current use of microphone.

  • The microphone grill is a metal surface where coronavirus can survive the longest.
  • The speaker spits on the microphone while speaking.
  • The sanitizing is done on the handle of the microphone not the grill yet coronavirus is more contiguous through saliva than hands,
  • The microphone grill has openings that goes deep where the coronavirus is hardly reached by sanitizer.
  • The microphone should be soaked in sanitizer for seven minutes before use by the next speaker, only spraying of sanitizer is practiced.
  • Due to heavy breathing while using microphone many speakers remove their mask 😷 for easier breathing.
  • The heavy breathing in and out can easily suck virus deep in the microphone openings.
    Though the research is not conclusive it would be important for microphone users to take precautions as follows.
  • Soak the microphone grill for seven minutes before the next use.
  • Use the mask at all times when using the microphone.
  • The microphone should be two feet from the mouth and always below the mouth.
  • One microphone per person at any given time.
  • Strongly note that spraying of microphone is not adequate in eliminating the virus.
  • The use of disposable covers on the microphone would help where sharing of the microphone is inevitable.
    This information is shared out of outmost faith.
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