“Stop panicking”Hon Stazo of Odm tell off Sen Malala over rigging claims.

ANC party through the Kakamega senator Hon Cleophas MaIala has thrown spanner in the works by claiming that the Odm party has hatched an elaborate plan to rig the forthcoming by election.

In a strongly worded statement released to the newsrooms, Mr Malala who for the past few weeks has been traversing Matungu vouching for Mr Nabulindo the party’s candidate said that the polls risk failing the credibility test if the issues raised went unresolved.

“The county government of Kakamega is planning to rig the Matungu elections.
We are aware of their plot and we shall not allow them to interfere with the sovereign power of the people of Matungu Constituency of electing their leader of choice”Malala said

But in a swift rejoinder, Hon Stazo Omung’ala of Odm scoffed at Senator Malala’s claims terming them as childish and defeatist meant to lay a foundation for an excuse when his candidate finally loses.

” Senator Malala and Anc party are exhibiting signs of someone who lack confidence in what he has been doing thus seeking an escape route out of the impending defeat.ODM has done enough ground work and we remain optimistic that voters will back our candidate Hon David Were.This by- election was never a 2022 dress rehearsal but an opportunity for the people of Matungu to make a decisive choice on who shall represent them in parliament. As a party we hit the road and explained to the electorate about the suitability of our candidate unlike Malala and his team who went full throttle hurling insults to elected leaders like Hon Oparanya.We want to tell Senator Malala to calmly sleep on the bed he made as he wait for the verdict by the great people of Matungu.As Odm we have faith in our candidate to deliver the seat and trust that the process shall be free and fair and even if it were to be tempered with, the law has away of curing the malady” Hon Stazo said.

“We all know Malala’s dirty tricks. The campaign period lapsed but Malala has been holding meetings in hotels dishing out money to influence the outcome. clips of the said meetings have been submitted to IEBC and relevant government urgencies for action. Malala should therefore stop his theatrics and instead take the impending defeat graciously.ODM is a national party which has support across the nation and we have confidence that this by-election will underscore just that” added Hon Stazo.

Raila with Odm candidate David Were with nominated MP Hon Osotsi extreme right

Matungu has been treated to a beehive of activities pitting ODM ANC and UDA party which is aligned to the deputy president William Ruto.

It is however the Amani leader Hon Musalia Mudavadi who fired the first salvo when he declared the Matungu by election a contest between him and Raila Odinga much to the changrin of Odm party faithful.

This invitation to duel saw the Odm deputy party leader and Kakamega governor Hon Oparanya take matters into his own hands and lead the Odm onslaught which has sent shivers down the spines of ANC operatives.

“We were having things under control until when Malala Started insulting Oparanya a respectable leader in this county. The by- election was never about 2022 but when that narrative started gaining traction, we started losing our foothold” an Anc member who did not wish to be named for fear of victimisation said.

A resurgent ODM has been holding close to ten rallies a day and last week they received a major boost when Raila Odinga showed up and urged locals to vote the Odm candidate.

On their part UDA has been holding door to door campaigns led by Dr Khalwale, Hon Washiali and Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi.

Other than party politics, other local dynamics will be at play especially when you consider both Alex Lanya of UDA and ANC ‘s Oscar Nabulindo come from the populous Bashitsetse clan.

Whichever way it goes, Matungu will be a defining moment for both Raila Mudavadi and Ruto which explains the anxiety in ANC,’s camp as seen through Malala’s statement

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