Gatina ward MCA David Ayoi drums up support for BBI as he issues bursaries to over 2000 students.

Gatina Ward Member of the county assembly Hon David Ayoi over the weekend spent time in Dagoretti north area popularizing BBI as the country braces for a referendum soon.

Speaking at Gatina Primary School, Hon Ayoi urged the locals to rally behind the president Hon Uhuru Kenyatta and his handshake partner Rt Hon Raila Odinga by ensuring that the proposed constitutional changes sail through when the time for a referendum comes.

” We have all seen the goodies that have trickled down here as a result of the handshake between my party leader Baba Raila Amollo Odinga and H.E Uhuru Kenyatta. Here in Gatina, we have witnessed peace and tranquility which has enabled our people to go about their daily businesses undeterred. We all know that Kawangware 56 area which is in Gatina ward has always been an epicenter of turmoil and chaos. This negative history has become history since the handshake happened.”

Hon Ayoi said. see the link.

Hon Ayoi issuing bursaries to Gatina Ward parents.

On BBI, the lawmaker said that the document has so many positives that directly impact the lives of common mwananchi.

” We have all seen some progress that has taken place through devolution. All these projects you see here like the level 4 hospital that for the first time we are boosting of here in Gatina are all fruits of devolution. BBI has proposed an increase from 15% to 35% which will mean more development in our area. We shall also have a Ward development fund which will directly change lives in wards just like what the Cdf kitty is doing on the constituency level. I, therefore, want to urge all of you not to let these opportunities fly away, and when the time comes, let us all vote YES” said Ayoi amid cheers from the crowd.

Final touches on Gatina Level 4 hospital to be commissioned by President Uhuru on March5th,

Hon Ayoi has also urged residents to come out in large numbers on Friday to witness the commissioning of the hospital by H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta.

”I want to urge all of you to come out in large numbers to welcome our president H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday as he commissions this hospital. We are doing the final touches on the project and from Friday we shall start offering services. This project will help our people to access medical services at their doorstep which will go along way in reducing the mortality rate. We have been having cases of pregnant mothers dying on their way to either Kenyatta or Mbagathi hospital which are quite far. This project will serve over 20000 residents of Gatina and the surrounding areas.

As a sign of respect and appreciation to the head of state, I will personally lead all of you in welcoming the head state and thanking him for his wisdom together with our leader Rt Hon Raila Odinga for the peace and tranquility and the development we are all experiencing as a result of the handshake” added Ayoi.

inspecting progress at the Gatina level 4 hospital.

Education is key!

While emphasizing on the importance of sending our kids to school, the area MCA urged parents not to shy away from approaching his office for aid on matters of education.

”Let me also take this opportunity to urge all of you parents to send your children to school. The government will do all it can to ensure all our children get a quality education. Bursaries will be made available to all needy students without any biases be it social, political, ethnic, or otherwise. As your area MCA, I will always ensure you all benefit. Those who have allowed their children who are school going to venture into Boda Boda business are doing a great disservice to this nation. We must work together and ensure they return to school and my office will be at hand to help”

On the wheelbarrow narrative, Hon Ayoi caused a laughter when he said this,

” We all want the best for our children right? the idea of someone giving your children wheelbarrows yet all his children are abroad and in school is an insult to all of us. Let us send our children to school and shun these wheelbarrows. Do you want education for your kids or wheelbarrows? he posed as the crowd roared back in unison.. Education is what we need not wheelbarrows”.

Residents of Gatina ward in Dagoretti north area are on cloud 9 with all waiting with bated breath the arrival of the head of state to commission the hospital which is the first-ever in Gatina area.

The first time MCA David Ayoi has lobbied for several projects which are currently underway with others already finished. Roads are under construction, lighting, water, and sewer lines are all work in progress. The fruits of devolution are evident thanks to the hawk-eyed area MCA David Ayoi.

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