Senator Kwamboka urges ODM Women league not to waiver in supporting BBI

Odm’s nominated senator Hon Beatrice Kwamboka who is also the senate deputy minority whip has urged the Orange party women league to remain steadfast in their support for the BBI.

Speaking in Nairobi during an ODM women league meeting, Sen Kwamboka said that BBI addresses several issues to do with women’s marginalization and therefore the orange party women league should be at the forefront in championing for the passing of the document in the impending referendum.

” The county assemblies have unanimously passed the BBI bill which has now paved the way for it to be introduced into both the Senate and the national assembly. we are on the right track in redefining the history of our nation, I wish to urge all of us to go out there and reach out to fellow Kenyans to vote yes when the time comes. As women, we have been lagging behind for a long time but with the passing of BBI, women are going to reap big” said Senator Kwamboka.

Senator Kwamboka addressing the gathering.

Senator Kwamboka caused a stir when she said that it is about time women seized the opportunity and assumed leadership in several spheres as presented by the BBI draft.

”For a long time women have been used only to sing and dance to men as they seize power here in Kenya, it is a bout time we all went out there and actively compete and win so that they can as well sing and dance for us” Senator Kwamboka said amid cheers from the crowd.

Senator Kwamboka further urged women not to shy away from contesting all available elective seats like governor, senators, Mp, and Mca.

While speaking at the same event, Kwale Women Mp Zulekha Hassan lamented that the two-third gender rule remained a mirage 11 years down the line and therefore BBI was the only way to help bridge the gap.

On her part, ODM women league chairperson Beth Syengo has dismissed the opponents of BBI for claiming that parliament will end up with a bloated house which will burden the tax payer.

” Those opposing BBI are not doing this nation any justice, BBI has brought about peace, tranquility which has enabled all of us to co exist as a unified nation. This is something that would never have happened and therefore we thank His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta and his brother RT Hon Raila Odinga for their wisdom in bringing the nation together. We as the ODM women league shall remain steadfast and help push the peace agenda in ODM” Syengo said.

Over 1000 ODM women gathered under the banner of BBI Queens under the patronage of Senator Beatrice Kwamboka will be instrumental in conducting civic education on BBI.

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