A nother soldier dies on duty as Bungoma residents kill a man caught in bed with neighbours wifea.

Boychild is should be listed in the same category as the white rhino. Both are endangered when it comes to matters of sex. When men are not dying in lodgings after ingesting too much viagra, they are dying of sweetness and or being lynched for being found in bed with gacungwa”.

Here in Bungoma,a 43-year-old man going by the name Christantus Wafula has died following a brutal beating by a man who claimed that he caught him with his wife in their matrimonial bed reading the katiba.

Christantus Wafula is said to have been found in the act with his neighbor’s wife by her husband, Wafubwa Makhanu, on Monday morning.

The attack is said to have occurred at about 6 am which many people consider a good time for morning devotion..morning glory .

Mr Wafubwa Makhwanu who works in another town returned home unexpectedly only to find the two in his bedroom stuck naked.

According to eyewitnesses, Mr. Wafubwa had been suspecting his wife all along and when he returned unexpectedly and found the offending man in bed, he raised an alarm and neighbours joined him in the spirit of Harambee to give Wafula a beating.

It took the swift response of the boys in blue to save the man from being lynched and set a blaze by the irate mob. Unfortunately the man died on arrival at the Bungoma hospital.

According to the village elder, Patrick Wafula Mukonyero, the locals are in disbelief since this is the first such incident to occur in the area.

Mukonyero said the woman managed to make good use of her legs to escape the mob that was also baying for her blood leaving behind the man

Wafula was a good man who never took alcohol like a majority of the locals…

“I am very shocked because this man is well known in this area and he does not take alcohol. He only drinks tea and people usually say that it’s only drunkards who mess up and engage in such bad vices,” the village elder added

Bungoma South police boss Wilson Nanga said that police have launched investigations into the matter.

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